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Where is Autoscrollposition? d.unforgiven [Malaysia] 13-Dec-2009 03:44:02

hi,i wanted to know,is there such a thing as Autoscrollposition in this component?(i've TX text control 14,i can only find autoscrolloffset)

TX Text Control .NET (v14.0) garrett.groff [USA] 11-May-2009 18:00:16

I'm having an issue where a value the following line of code is causing an odd numeric substitution:

if ( ActiveTextFieldCollection.Add( field ) ) { ... }
The ActiveTextFieldCollection is of type TXTextControl.TextFieldCollection. The "field.Text" value is a city/state/zip value, but it's being changed in the ActivetextFieldCollection.Add() method to "1" every time.

Any ideas why this text substitution is occurring? I'm told by another dev that she's also seen "2" and "3" substituted, for no apparent reason.

RE: TX Text Control .NET (v14.0) garrett.groff [USA] 11-May-2009 21:48:33

Oh yeah, and this is happening in the context of HeaderFooters, if that helps.

TX Text Control .NET c.budan [France] 04-Jul-2007 12:53:38

I want to add properties to TextField by creating a new class which inherits from TextField. But of course, when I Add an instance of my "PersonalTextField" to athe TextFieldsCollection I does'not work. My PersonalTextField is casted to an ordinary TextField!! It would be a huge work (and probably impossible) to implement new classes for TextFieldsCollection and hence for TextFrame.TextFieldsCollection and so on... and so on... Any idea?...

TX Text Control .NET ramana [USA] 21-Apr-2004 09:16:05

Is there any eqivalent control for Rich Text box for windows .NET development other than TX Text Control. Please let me know. I need all the functionality of TX TEXT Control can do. The support for TEXT CONTROL is not up to the mark. We are not at all satisfied.
Thanks in advance.