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TX Text Control .NET gardinWin [Korea, Republic Of] 28-Oct-2009 01:35:29

I tested with trial version.
I append image into document and save. after reload document, image crahsed.
trial version need to pactch ?

TX Text Control .NET almih [United Kingdom] 31-May-2004 10:39:01

Why I can't switch input language?? TX always try keep my "default" language. This is not a my system's problem - all other programs do switch OK :(

RE: TX Text Control .NET gardinWin [Korea, Republic Of] 27-Oct-2009 10:18:01

i have a qustions ;
1. can i change menu text to native language ?
2. can i handle menu event (like file open, close, document changed ...)
3. can i access componet api directrly ? (open, saveAs ...)
4. word 2003, 2007 supports ?