About Upsource

Code review, team collaboration and project analytics,

Upsource helps you browse your source code repositories, share, discuss and review code that you and your team create. Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce are all supported. Upsource summarizes recent changes in your repository, showing commit messages, authors, quick diffs, links to detailed diff views and associated code reviews. A commit graph helps visualize the history of commits, branches and merges in your repository.

Upsource Features

  • Perform efficient code reviews - Automate your workflow - let Upsource analyze your code and track the progress, while you focus on improvements.
  • Review changes from IDE - Participate in discussions and manage your reviews without leaving the comfort of your IDE.
  • Keep up with updates - Explore new changes in the browser with IDE-like navigation, reply by email, and never miss an important change.
  • Discover design flaws - Spot parts of your project in need of a developers’ attention, such as hotspots and abandoned files.
  • Detect project-wide risks - Spread responsibilities and make sure no part of the code is “owned” by a sole developer.
  • Onboard faster - New team members can quickly learn how the project has evolved and discover the responsibility scopes of other team members.
  • Build software together - Discuss changes, @mention others, react to comments, and unlock achievements as you discover new features and help your teammates.
  • Integrate Upsource into your environment - Easily make Upsource part of your process: integrate it with issue trackers, CI servers, and sync with GitHub.
  • Scale it - Don’t worry about outgrowing Upsource. No matter how large your team becomes or how many projects you have, Upsource can handle it.