VARCHART XGantt .NET Licensing

Developer License - One software license is required per machine.
Additional License - requires that you already own an equivalent full license of the "product" (not edition specific).
For example; if you own XGantt ActiveX you can get XGantt .NET Edition or XGantt ASP.NET Edition at the additional license price.
Run-time NOT royalty free.
A development license is required for each PC on which the product is used for development purposes.
A runtime license is required for each PC or for each named user in a local area network, which provides access to the software.
If you are installing on a Server machine then you will require a Server Runtime License, for more information please contact

Basic module (Viewing only)
Provides all necessary Gantt functions for viewing only including:
- all graphical layout functions for Gantt charts like multi-level grouping
and multiple tasks per row in overlapped or optimized mode
- data dependent assignment of graphical attributes via filters or so-called
- multiple calendars and calendar grids
- multiple sections of different scale as well as collapsing non-work periods
- printing with comfortable paging and page preview

Data Editing module (Requires the Basic Module)
Provides all functions of editing application data including:
- moving bars horizontally and vertically or changing durations via drag&
- create, delete or modify any application data like tasks or activities,
- in-place editing in table cells and changing data in a data editing dialog
- OLE drag&drop - Drag from one XGantt instance to another one or
application to an XGantt application and vice versa
- PERT/CPM scheduling for early and late dates as well as total and free

Histogram module (Requires the Basic Module)
Provides all functions to show resource loading Histograms including:
- calculation of resource loads from application data and displaying them,
changes like moving a bar in the Gantt chart are reflected in the Histogram
- displaying and editing of resource availability showing over and under
- displaying multiple Histograms, e.g. for selected resources
- numerous graphical layout features for numeric scale, shading, line

Resource Scheduling module (Requires the Basic Module)
Requires all other modules and provides all functions for Resource Scheduling
- Resource planning by taking the maximum load and the resource calendar
- Taking work in progress and delivery dates into account as planning
- Loading capacity as soon as possible for fast delivery strategies or just
stock strategies
- Calculation of a specific resource from a resource group being assigned
in the application data
- Multiple allocation of work and material resources to an operation

Important - Please note that after installation you will need to use your serial number to request a license file. This license file will be generated based on your order.

Academic License: Academic Users for use in Universities only; the license cannot be used for commercial purposes.
Please note that before you can download your order your academic status needs to be verified.