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Easily build speech and telephony .NET applications.

Published by Glorsoft


Velocity is a rapid application development toolkit that enables Microsoft .NET developers to create feature-rich telephony and speech solutions. Velocity eliminates the need to learn low level telephony API’s and protocols. The high-level Velocity API means developers can get on with the job of building their applications without the need to worry about the underlying telephony hardware and media processing layers. Supporting the Dialogic family of telephony boards and media processing software, Velocity enables the creation of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Speech and IP enabled communications solutions that scale from as little as two voice channels to several hundred on a single server platform. Even if currently you have no telephony hardware or phone lines you can start developing today with Velocity's built in softphone.

Velocity Benefits 
By using Visual Studio as its development environment, Velocity makes telephony programming easier. It also means for example that you can use Visual Studio team edition to have multiple developers work on one project, something which cannot be accomplished with other toolkits. Because Velocity can be used directly from .NET, you can use the huge range of .NET tools available to work in conjunction with your code. For example, Microsoft Sandcastle can be used to automatically...


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