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VIBlend Data Grid for Windows Forms

Advanced hierarchical data grid component with powerful features and rich customization.

Published by VIBlend

About VIBlend Data Grid for Windows Forms

Advanced hierarchical data grid component with powerful features and rich customization.

VIBlend DataGrid for WinForms is easy to integrate and use regardless of whether you want to add functionality to an existing Windows Forms application or planning to start your next great project. DataGrid is ideal for building data-driven applications. It supports advanced data bindings to multiple data source types. You can visualize a database table, bind to a generic collection or populate the grid's content through APIs without using any data binding. You can also create Pivot Tables with multi-level hierarchies on rows and columns, and multiple value (fact) fields.

VIBlend DataGrid for WinForms Features:

  • Visual styles, Themes and Animations
  • Office 2007 Style Themes
  • Comprehensive Hierarchical data visualization
  • Hierarchies on Rows and on Columns
  • Sorting
  • Filtering
  • Data Binding to multiple data source types
  • Virtual Mode
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Tooltips
  • Cell Types & Cell Editors
  • Cell styles, Properties and Formatting
  • Cells Conditional Formatting
  • Cells Merge
  • Nested grids
  • Drag & Drop
  • Fixed Hierarchies
  • Fixed Items (fixed rows & fixed columns)
  • Pivot Tables support
  • Built-in data aggregation functions
  • Export to Microsoft Excel 2003 & 2007

Themes - VIBlend DataGrid for WinForms ships with a set of professionally designed themes. In addition, designing your own theme has never been easier. Each theme is stored in XML format which makes it easy to customize and distribute.

Multi-Level Hierarchies on Rows and Columns - DataGrid is one of the few components on the market which comes with full support of hierarchies on both Rows and Columns. DataGrid can handle hundreds of thousands of Items on rows and columns, and Hierarchies can be up to 1024 nodes deep. You can build hierarchies through databinding, design time or programmatically. A rich set of APIs provides unprecedented fine grain control at runtime.

Fixed Hierarchies (Headers) - DataGrid allows you to set the Columns, and the Rows Hierarchies as Fixed. A Fixed hierarchy is not affected by the position of the respective scrollbar. For example, if the Columns Hierarchy is fixed, and the user moves the vertical scrollbar, all rows and the respective grid cells will be scrolled. However, the Columns hierarchy will stay at its original position. This feature, is very useful when working with large amounts of data.

Fixed Items (Fixed Rows & Fixed Columns) - In addition to fixed hierarchies, DataGrid allows you to designate some hierarchy items (rows and/or columns) as fixed. Fixed items are individual rows or columns that are not scrollable. They are extremely useful when you have a larger number of rows or columns, and visual comparison between certain rows and columns is desired.

Sorting by Rows or Columns - DataGrid provides built-in sorting capabilities. The sorting works in both bound and unbound mode. You can sort by columns, and by rows. Each column and row has a Sorting property that allows you to enable or disable the sorting functionality. In addition, DataGrid keeps track on the original sort order, and you can always see the data in original (unsorted) order. The sorting algorithm automatically detects if you are sorting numbers or text data, and applies a proper comparison. In addition, the sorting APIs are extensible, and allow you to plug-in your own sorting comparer.

Filtering - DataGrid ships with an advanced, and extensible filtering framework. The filtering functionality works in both bound and unbound mode, and you can filter by any column or row. DataGrid provides built-in filters, and filter expression definition UI for the most common numerical and text data types. Extensible APIs allow you to build your own filters, and even complicated filtering expressions, for any custom data type.

Header Items Drag & Drop - Drag & Drop operations on Row and Column header items is fully supported. You can easily enable or disable drag & drop and control the runtime behavior through a set of events.

Customizable Grid Cells - DataGrid ships with built-in editors for several grid cell types: simple cell, editable text field, combobox, date time, checkbox. In addition, you can add images, change fonts and colors, handle navigation events, and more.

Header Items Customization - DataGrid allows you to customize almost every visual aspect of a Header Item. You can add images, change alignment, fonts, colors, override the theme styles and more.

Cell Images - You can create a great looking grid view with cell images, editable fields, animations and themes entirely through a visual designer, and with minimal or no programming.

Grid Cells Conditional Formatting - DataGrid allows you to define named groups of grid cells, rows and/or columns, and apply conditional formatting to an entire group. You can define unlimited number of groups. DataGrid ships with eight build-in conditional formatting color scales. The programming model is very flexible and extensible. It allows you to create your own color scales and formatting rules, and apply them to various cell and item groups.