VideoCapX multimedia ActiveX component allows developers to easily add access to digital video capture cards and cameras to their applications. Whether you are creating a multimedia player, a TiVo or TV tuner app, a Web cam, a networked security application, a photo ID database, an industrial monitoring system, or a medical imaging device, VideoCapX solves your need to grab and save those images and video sequences. Visual Basic .NET, C# , VB 6 and VC++ examples included.


VideoCapX is DirectX/DirectShow ActiveX component for video/audio capture, playback and processing. VideoCapX works with any WDM / VfW - compliant device, if a camera has Windows drivers, it works with VideoCapX.

VideoCapX also works with most IP cameras.

VideoCapX Main Features:

  • Full access to USB cam, IP network camera, TV tuner, DV camcorders, PCI grabber cards, fire-wire or any other WDM-compatible device
  • Support for multiple video inputs
  • Capture live video and audio
  • Text/Logo/Image overlay...

Prices from: $ 195.02

One software license is required per machine. Run-time royalty free. Source Code License Includes unlimited number of developers of an enterprise at all its physical addresses (Worldwide).

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Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX
  • ActiveX DLL

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infoThe Netherlands5 star
A very good product. Makes it really easy to build your own applications. Took us only three weeks to build an application capable of capturing two DV devices at the same time and make synchronized... Read more

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