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Virto Password Reset and Recovery Web Part

Reset your SharePoint passwords without administrator help.

Published by VirtoSoftware
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2009

Version: 3.2.1 Updated: Jul 13, 2016

About Virto Password Reset and Recovery Web Part

Reset your SharePoint passwords without administrator help.

Virto Password Reset and Recovery Web Part allows any user logged in to the SharePoint portal (using Form Based or Active Directory Authentication) to reset their password without contacting an administrator. The new temporary password will be shown online or sent to an email box according to the web part configuration.

Any authorized user that uses a SharePoint site using Form Based or Active Directory Authentication login (including cases of remote access to the portal) can request a new password. This does not mean that they can change the configuration of the web part. There are two ways of working with passwords – request a new password on the site online or by email. According to the security policy the user will be asked to answer some secret questions (from one to three). Secret questions are set by the system administrator and the values are taken from corresponding fields of the AD (Active Directory) or FBA (Form Based Authentication) profile (for instance, date of birth, mobile phone number etc.). Upon successful verification, the password reset option will be available for this user. As soon as they activate it online they will see their new temporary password. Password security policy defined in AD or FBA is applied for generating the password. If the password is sent by email, the user must enter their login and email address to receive the new password. Then a message detailing the user’s password request and a suggestion to confirm or decline the reset will be sent to this email address. If the reset is confirmed, one more email message with the new password will be sent. The new password is temporary and the user is required to change it to a permanent one. This can be done with the help of the system administrator or Virto Password Changer Web Part.

Besides the ability to add the Web Part to a SharePoint site page, administrators can also add it to any Web page with the help of additional ASP.NET source code supplied with the component.

Virto Password Reset Web Part Key Features

  • Active Directory Password Reset
  • Form Based Authentication Password Reset
  • Online Password Delivery
  • Email Password Deliver 
  • Ability to use up to 3 security questions for AD Password Reset
  • Letter for password reset request confirmation
  • Enforce user to change temporary password upon next login