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A C++ memory manager that can speed up your application and reduce memory overhead.

Published by PureDev Software
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2017

Version: 3.2 Updated: Jan 4, 2018

VMem Licensing

  • VMem is licensed per product, per platform and is for an unlimited distribution. For example, to use VMem in a single product on two platforms (Windows and Linux), you will need two licenses.
  • The VMem source code can be modified by you, but only distributed in binary form.

Important - Please note that there will be a delay before you can use this software. In order to receive the software you need to fill out and sign a license agreement and return it to ComponentSource (the license agreement is available in the Downloads section or you can download it from your Order page). The agreement will then be counter signed by the publisher and you will then receive your software via email.