VsamEx[treme] is a very fast ISAM Database Engine for Shared Network Access, with Full Record Locking, Variable Length Records, Multiple Indexes, Ad Hoc Searching and much more. It is compatible with .Net, C++, VB, PowerBASIC, DELPHI and now has enhanced SHA based Encryption.

Does your application need fast reliable data access?
The VsamEx fast ISAM is 25 times faster than access! - Industrial strength datasets protect your data.
Does your application require highly secure data?
The VsamEx fast ISAM now supports encryption based on an enhanced SHA (Secure Hashing Algorithm).
Does your application need a small footprint?
The VsamEx fast ISAM is approximately 150K bytes! - Great for delivery of compact applications over the Internet.
Does your application need compact...

One software license is required per person per machine. Run-time royalty free.
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Component Type
  • ActiveX OCX
  • DLL
  • Static Link Library