WCF-Xtensions Licensing

If you need to discuss your licensing requirements for WCF-Xtensions, please contact our Noemax licensing specialists.

Customers ordering a new Professional subscription receive a perpetual license for one or more named users, royalty-free distribution to endusers, one year access to all releases and nightly builds for all supported platforms, and one year of premium support for an unlimited number of issues. The Enterprise subscription is a '3-for-2' subscription that gives your customers the same benefits as three years of Professional subscription for the price of two years. If multiple persons write, modify, debug or compile software that uses a Noemax product then a Team 4, Team 10, Team 25, Team 50 or Team 100 subscription must be ordered that covers all of them.

Customers purchasing an Enterprise subscription can also order a Blueprint Add-on for each developer who requires access to the full source code of the product for the duration of the Enterprise subscription. For example, a customer with 16 developers working on a project that uses a Noemax product may order an Enterprise Team 25 subscription to cover the 16 developers plus, say, two Blueprint Add-ons to enable 2 of the 16 developers to access the source code. Note that Blueprints cannot be added to Professional subscriptions.

As subscriptions near their end, you can renew them by ordering an On-Time Renewal. If your previous subscription expired more than 1 month ago, you must order a Late Renewal instead. An On-Time Renewal will begin on the expiration date of their previous subscription while a Late Renewal will begin on the date it is registered regardless of when their previous subscription ended. The duration of both On-Time and Late Renewals is 1 year for Professional subscriptions and 3 years for Enterprise subscriptions.

License Agreements