Web Atoms Releases

Released: Dec 14, 2021

Updates in 2.0.4


  • Added a new AtomIconContentView control to create font icon based content view.
  • JSX Initialization Re-engineered - Added a property in prototype of class, so it can be directly set in JavaScript, the conversion will be performed if needed utilizing available TypeConverters. You can also create new instance of CLR object in JavaScript and set it directly.
  • Added direct property setter.
  • Added search property in AtomSuggestions.
  • ScrollUp enabled in AtomSuggestions.

Released: Oct 20, 2021

Updates in 1.6.297


  • Calling V8 Method Speed Improvement - Replaced heap allocation for calling function/methods on JavaScript by using stack allocation.
  • Improved OkHttp Calls - Replaced OkHttpCall with inbuilt async Task, which reduced heap allocation for every single http call.
  • Added background for DuoToneFontButton - Added background Fill color and corner radius to give button kind of look for DuoToneFontButton.
  • New Control - Added new AtomRadioButtonList control which is easy to bind and you can track...

Released: Oct 3, 2021

Updates in 1.6.269


  • Added a new AtomDuoToneFontImageButton control.
  • Improved performance of AtomChoiceView's scroll to selection.
  • Improved Constructor Parameter matching, you can now initialize XF.FontImageSource inline.

Released: Sep 22, 2021

Updates in 1.6.262


  • Added a new AtomCheckBoxList control which makes it easy to display a set of check boxes where selected items are updated in the SelectedItems property.
  • HorizontalLayout attached property has been added to AtomPopup which helps you align a popup to the left of right aligned content.
  • HeaderBackground and DetailBackground brush properties have been added to AtomExpander.


  • Fixed iOS bug which did not display Header of AtomExpander.

Released: Sep 19, 2021

Updates in 1.6.249


  • Added new AtomSuggestions control which will display a list of items horizontally till it fills up all the space and then it will display a "More" link, which will then open a popup list view to select items from. The ItemTappedCommand will be executed when you click any of the items displayed.
  • Weak Reference have been removed from Apple iOS.
  • RecycleElement recycling strategy for ListView displayed in Popups for AtomChips and new control AtomSuggestions has been set.
  • Popups are now...

Released: Sep 12, 2021

Updates in 1.6.246


  • Added new Method Overloads - Method overloads for InvokeFunction, CreateNewInstance and InvokeMethod in IJSValue have been added to reduce array allocation. There is no change in exiting APIs, they will continue to work as it is. C# compiler will automatically choose the method with the same parameters instead of creating an array. However, internal implementation will allocate an array for parameter, but the array allocation has been reduce by 50%.
  • Added new Type JSDelegate - Added...

Released: Sep 9, 2021

Updates in 1.6.239


  • New Platforms - Added support for the following new platforms:
    • UWP - Universal Windows Platform
    • Apple macOS
    • Tizen - * Community Support
    • GTK - * Community Support
      • Xamarin does not support these platforms officially, however Web Atoms will support them as much as they can provided the bug/update is part of Web Atoms framework.
  • Added a new JavaScript Engine - A new JavaScript Engine: YantraJS has been written specifically for Web Atoms, this engine is written in C#, so it can run anywhere...