Web CAD SDK Releases

Released: Aug 15, 2017

Updates in v12


  • Support of AutoCAD DWG 2018.
  • Text search.
  • Merging of drawings with the color change.
  • Copying of the displayed image to the clipboard.
  • Black-and-white display mode.
  • Printing settings improved.

Released: Aug 11, 2016

Updates in 11


  • Load drawings via Stream - The LoadFromStream method has been added to CADControl.
  • Different engines - The DrawingManager.Engine property has been added which allows the user to change the type of library used.
  • Changes in measuring instruments - Measuring instruments now send their results to the callback of the user to handle how they need to.
  • PDF format is now used for printing. A PDF document is generated which you can print or save to file for further processing.
  • Snaps - Limited...