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I have been using the webcombo for almost all the projects I am doing.This component is really good.Best part is if I am stuck anywhere and having some problems the Support team Helps a lot. I always get the answer on time, and they solve my problem. Cheers Moupiya
Intersoft Solutions Corporation Team
WebCombo.NET V2.0 SP2 has addressed numerous issues stated below, and has added some enhancements, as well as new features such as new EntryMode and DataCacheStorage. The additional assembly issue has also been addressed in SP2, where you can copy this file in the bin folder as well. The Intersoft Solutions Corporation team have worked very hard to ensure all products meet Microsoft ASP.NET's specification, especially the XCOPY deployment. Support Management and Developer Network have also been improved dramatically with the new version which integrates with Intersoft Solutions Corporation's CRM System. This will greatly benefit our valuable customers with improved performance and a complete support management system. For complete information about changes in SP2, please download SP2 Release Notes from the Intersoft Solutions Corporation Website (or Evals and Demos section of the product page on the ComponentSource site).
Intersoft Solutions Corporation Team
WebCombo.NET SP2 addressed a number of issues such as the timeout issue as well as numerous enhancements and features. Although we will plan to support Netscape and Mac in the future, SP2 currently works very well with IE 5.5, IE 5.5 SP1 and SP2, and IE 6.x. For more information about SP2 changes and Post-SP2 hotfixes, please login to the Intersoft Solutions Corporation Developer Network to apply latest updates.
The product shows great promise, although we have had countless problems with it. The major issue is getting technical support. It is only available via email and in many cases they go days / weeks without answering questions. Currently the combos blow up on a page after a few minutes, the only way to get them to work again is to restart the application. We have sent several emails a day and to date no response. This issue makes the tool useless. developer (USA)
"the great time waster" I am very unhappy with this control... First off, The home page claims IE 5+ compatibility. Up until sp2, which was released a few days ago, it would not work with anything but IE 6. I am loathe to test it, because the control now requires a dll to be placed into windows/system (!) which is unheard of for .net deployments. Bye-bye x-copy deployment, bye-bye hosted environments. The real meat of my argument comes as this control is not Macintosh or Linux compatible. It simply fails when anything but internet explorer on a PC is used. It refuses to degrade to lower level DOM browsers like other controls. I recently had to painstakingly re-code an application to remove this control because of the small external Mac population that could not use this control... IE 5.2.3, safari, NS 7.1, Mozilla... doesn't matter... they all fail on the Mac. So, this control has no place on a public web page, as you never know what technology a customer may still use. And, the intranet model for cross-platform deployment fails, as this control does not work on a Mac or a Linux browser platform. All in all, the functionality this control provides is nice. I like the look and workings of it. I don't like having to email Malaysia (from the U.S.) and wait for days for a response. I don't like their proprietary "developer's network" which has no search features and is incredibly slow. My recommendation... come back in a year and check out If you have a project deadline, run, run away.
Anand Narayanaswamy (ASP Alliance)
The initial steps for getting started to work with these components are almost same like setting the connection, configuring the data adapter etc. The only notable difference is a slight change to enable the display of data on the WebGrid .NET component. You have to right click the component instance on the form and select Retrieve Structure. The data gets bounded as soon as you are done with this step. This process is not required for WebCombo .NET component. Finally, you should tweak the project with a little code by double clicking the component instance and adding the following piece of code: OleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(DataSet1.students) e.DataSource = DataSet1 WebGrid .NET is capable of providing more rich functionalities like displaying of data in hierarchical fashion, totaling the Group and Columns and much more. You can learn more about these by going through the tutorials provided with the documentation. The documentation which came with the products is extremely good. It surely beats the help system of all major components available on the market. Every piece of information is given in detail. The one which I most liked is the QuickStart tutorials. The step-by-step instructions provided are really a bonus for all developers. The documentation is also well supported by relevant cool screenshots. No doubt, if you are well versed with ADO.NET, then you would be able to work with the products within minutes of its installation. A well structured and comprehensive explanation about the various namespaces, classes and methods are also given for developer’s reference. But the main drawback with the documentation is that it doesn’t provide code snippets in Visual Basic .NET. Moreover, the sample Visual Studio projects are also based on C# for both the products. It would be great if the vendor distributes all the sample projects in Visual Basic .NET version also so that non C# programmers can learn about the usage of these products without much trouble. You can also download the documentations free of charge from the vendor’s website An interesting feature with regard to WebCombo .NET is that it shows the current record and the total number of records like 15 of 34. You will not find this feature in any of the other available component. WebCombo .NET also supports dynamic filtering functionality. This means it displays only 15 records initially. Then you have to click on the bottom arrow to navigate the remaining data. This is a really cool feature of the product. Moreover, I initially experienced certain difficulties while testing WebCombo .NET. The problem was resolved only after creating a virtual directory named “WebCombo2” pointing to the WebCombo2 directory inside the CommonLibrary folder on the IIS. You have to perform this step only if you get an error captioned “Object Expected” at the time of loading the ASPX page. Some of the other key features of WebCombo .NET are on the fly data request, Common databinding process, Automatic query and data caching handler, Multiplecolumns combo mode and much more. The product also supports .NET Framework’s built-in Validation Controls

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