What's New in WebMail Pro for ASP.NET

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.2.5

  • Multiple interface-related modifications and backend fixes.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.2.2

  • .NET: Errors when attempting to save signature are fixed.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.2.1

  • .NET: Default domain settings apply correctly for new accounts created.
  • .NET: Issue with POP3 mailbox locked on Check Mail fixed.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.2.0

  • PHP: AdminPanel was not displaying list of domains when it exceeded certain number of records.
  • PHP: Error message added for login screen, it's shown when mail server is not accessible.
  • PHP: Sieve plugin added.
  • PHP: Fixed error of saving calendar settings when certain time format used.
  • JS: Fixes: Color palette couldn't be opened in Signature editor, New Message screen was not using Use Signature setting, When replying to message, signature was added after quoting, now it's before quoting, On adding filter, "no filters specified yet" text was still displayed.
  • JS: Outdated code for implementing demo account is removed.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.8

  • PHP, .NET, JS: Identities support
  • JS: Significantly simplified check mail, now it goes much faster
  • PHP: Plugin system functionality extension
  • PHP: Lots of small internal changes.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.7

  • PHP: "New user" button added in AdminPanel.
  • PHP: added hook and usage example for Global Signature plugin.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.6

  • PHP: Occasionally, inline images were not added for filename-specific reasons.
  • PHP: Verbose error messages for POPPASSD plugin.
  • .NET: Layout issues fixed for new window opened with double click.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.5

  • JS: It's possible to show new password field when users aren't allowed to change settings.
  • JS: Changing password issue corrected.
  • .NET, PHP: Additional setting which can forbid adding new accounts on login.
  • PHP: Date formatting fixed for exporting to iCal.
  • .NET: Sorting in IMAP corrected.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.3

  • PHP: New plugin available for changing user password via poppassd.
  • PHP: When opening a message in separate window and doing Forward, message body was empty.
  • JS: Current folder is excluded from folders list in "Move to folder" dropdown.
  • JS: If deleting messages or doing checkmail right before viewing message, that message could become unread again, and deleted messages could become visible again for a while.
  • JS: Sorting by attachments and flags is removed for IMAP since this is not supported by servers.
  • JS: window.opener related checks were removed, they were causing glitches in Compose and Quick Reply modes.
  • JS: Quick Reply wasn't working in new window due to animation.
  • JS: Issues with displaying attachments in IE6,7.
  • JS: The "Autocheck mail every" setting was not applied unless the window is refreshed
  • JS: After Check mail, mail deleted by other client was still there
  • JS: In Compose mode, when choosing contacts by clicking To, CC, BCC, area for adding attachments was visible underneath the contacts list.
  • JS: HTML editor was rendered incorrectly in IE6,7.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.2

  • PHP: Finnish translation added.
  • PHP: Bugfix related to POP3 accounts (errors when creating folders).
  • PHP, JS: Corrections for "Forwarded" flag detection.
  • JS: Decection for number of previous messages when replying/forwarding (Re[x], Fwd[x]).

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.1

  • PHP: amr2wav_convert.sh script for convert .amr files to .wav added to /data/convert/ directory
  • JS: Fixed issue of message list sorting in IMAP mode

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.1.0

  • PHP: Voice Message support (.AMR playback)
  • PHP: Functions names have been refactored.
  • JS: New look for attachments pane.
  • JS: Was not possible to use Quick Reply for sending mail to yourself. Fixed.
  • PHP: Incorrect check for external images added.
  • JS: Quick Reply pane is animated when sending message.
  • PHP: Accounts are now email-based. For accounts added in Advanced Login mode, subsequent logins don't require this mode.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.0.3

  • PHP: Plesk integration is operational now.
  • PHP: Mailadm and subadmins passwords are hashed.
  • PHP: Bugfix: incoming mail port was used for SMTP in Advanced Login mode.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.0.2

  • JS: Corrections for blinking favicon used as notification for new messages.
  • JS: Corrections related to precaching functionality.
  • PHP, .NET, JS: Forwarded flag is back.
  • PHP: Corrections for dates in calendar.
  • PHP: Fixed issue of creating and displaying folders with international names.
  • JS: Cursor autofocus is corrected on login form.
  • PHP: Default domain was not saving Global Address book setting, fixed.
  • .NET: File uploader fixed.
  • JS: When Sent Items folder is selected, Forward button became available.
  • PHP: Correct processing of OverrideSettings in domain options.
  • PHP: Fixed issue of sorting folders in Manage Folders screen (IdParent was not set correctly for folders when adding to database)
  • PHP: Fixed issue of search in all mail folders in POP3
  • PHP, .NET, JS: Added XLIST support (gmail.com)
  • PHP, .NET: Fixed issue of assigning system folders (previously, it wasn't possible to set system assignment for a subfolder).
  • PHP, .NET, JS: It is now possible to configure AdvancedLogin via settings.xml file.
  • .NET: Several fixes for hMailServer integration.
  • .NET: Fixed error of searching for users in AdminPanel.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.0.1

  • JS, PHP, .NET: fix for adding attachments (file size limit was ignored).
  • JS: Fix for changing skin in user account settings (the proper skin didn't always apply).
  • JS: The problem of missing message list pages switcher is fixed.
  • PHP, .NET: Autocompletion of email addresses is corrected. Email addresses added to autocompletion list when sending mail are no longer displayed in Contacts screen.
  • PHP: XML data packets encoding is fixed, headers and attachment names are displayed correctly.
  • .NET: Fix for fetching mails in All/Nee Messages and All/New Headers sync modes for IMAP accounts.
  • JS: Bugfix for search in messages and contacts refusing to work after searching for empty value.
  • JS: Fix for switching language in user settings (not all language constants' values were updated immediately).
  • PHP: Examples of using new API are added to examples directory.
  • JS: In Import Contacts mode, link to relevant documentation page is available.

What's new in AfterLogic WebMail Pro 6.0:

  • Completely rewritten Admin Panel. Easier for you
  • Redesigned User Settings screens. Easier for your users
  • New AJAX uploader for attaching files. No Flash issues, works with most newer browsers, supports attaching multiple files, shows the progress of operation
  • User interface made faster than ever. For instance, no more delays after deleting a message and updating the message list
  • IMAP quota indicator on the message list screen
  • Shift + mouse click opens a new window
  • Print and Save buttons in the preview pane
  • New messages count is displayed in the browser's tab caption and in the taskbar
  • POP3 and IMAP synchronization modes simplified and made transparent for the end user
  • Extra optimizations for high loads and clustered environments
  • Tons of other fixes, nice improvements, bells and whistles

What's New in WebMail Pro 5.1:

  • New Licensing scheme, Single Server, Multiple Server and Hosting Provider Licenses.

AfterLogic WebMail Pro 5.0 New Features:


  • .NET: Fixed bug with POP3 mail mode and autocheck interval.


  • .NET: Several language files updated.
  • .NET: Fixed bug with forwarding messages with attachments.


  • .NET: Fixed conflict with namespaces.
  • PHP: Detailed error messages in installer for /data/ folder troubleshooting.
  • PHP: Messages with embedded images - fix in editor.
  • JS: "Search" field text localization implemented.
  • JS: Search results header fixed
  • Calendar: Shared calendars presentation fixed
  • Calendar: Skin selection fixed


  • JS Calendar: Code refactoring and optimization.
  • .NET: Code refactoring and optimization.
  • New - JS: PHP, .NET: New (three pane view) main window layout
  • New - PHP: Mobile sync
  • New - PHP, .NET: Two-way syncing of contacts and calendar events
  • .NET: Optimized memory usage
  • .NET, PHP: Multiple minor fixes.
  • JS: Contacts screen scrolling issue fixed.
  • .NET: Subadmins management issue with MySQL used is fixed.
  • .NET: Database update script corrected.
  • New - .NET: Update script is updating adminpanel.xml file now as well.