Premier Studio 2016 released

Released: Mar 1, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in 2016

  • WebUI Unified Theming - You can now universally theme your WebUI-powered apps and give them a refreshed, yet consistent new look-and-feel.
  • Leveraging Latest Web Technologies - All 40+ components have been completely revamped to comply with the latest and greatest web standards including Bootstrap, SASS, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Retina-sharp SVG Icons - More than 250+ new retina sharp-icons have been introduced, all designed in SVG for the most eye-pleasing viewing experience on all kind of devices and screen resolutions.
  • Built with SASS - Featuring thousands of pre-defined variables and mixins, it dramatically changes the way you style WebUI components to achieve consistent look and feel in your apps.
  • New Modern Themes - Every user interface element has been meticulously designed with natural colors, spacious layout, larger fonts and retina-sharp SVG icons.
  • WebGrid Enterprise 10
    Every user interface element has been improved when working with hierarchical data structure to make the most sense out of your complex data.
    • The Batch Update dialog box has been thoroughly refined and updated to match the aesthetics of the modern web applications.
    • The Pivot Chart has been enhanced to display your data in a more intuitive presentation style.
    • The built-in editors for WebGrid are now more accurately positioned to the cell's edge, taking account the intricate highlighted borders and shadow.
    • The new modern aesthetics also work seamlessly and flawlessly with complex ColumnSets to fully cater enterprise-grade data and business scenarios.
  • WebCombo 7
    Enhanced with a design language on par with modern Web applications.
    • Entry Mode - Performing a selection in WebCombo is effortless. Just type in a few words, then WebCombo will automatically suggest suitable choices based on your input.
    • Multiple Selection - To enter multiple entries onto the WebCombo, you can choose between typing mode or checkbox mode.
    • Size Class - Enlarge of shrink the WebCombo with the new size classes introduced in WebCombo 7.
    • Form Group - You can also adjust the WebCombo size when using the form group class.
    • Validation State - On par with modern CSS frameworks, WebCombo now various validation states to indicate the validity of user input.
  • WebInput 5
    Every detail of the input element has been revamped to match the latest presentation trends conforming to modern web standards.
    • Calendar Editor provides a feature that allows users to easily populate a date value through a beautiful, built-in contextual popup box. 
    • With full keyboard support, the Calculator Editor allows user to perform quick calculations in a stylish popup that consists a set of intuitively-sized keys.
    • The new and improved WebInput will always fit into your existing business applications with new flexible size classes.
    • Bootstrap-inspired color palettes provides useful information for the user on the validity of the input values.
    • The watermark text allows for a clearer form entry with placeholder instructions. The icons are now in SVG, meaning that no matter what your screen sizes are, WebInput will always look super sharp.
    • WebInput supports masking which allows for custom format entry. The evenly-spaced paddings between the container and the text makes up for neater web forms.
  • WebDesktop 5 - The new release sports unified modern theme for all 15 user interface components included in WebDesktop, reimagined with timeless industrial-standards design and equipped with scalable SVG icons.
  • WebScheduler 5
    Includes a completely re-engineered user interface for a more sophisticated scheduling experience. Over hundreds of elements and interaction styles - from the header, toolbar, events to callout and editing form - have been redesigned with clean and spacious layout, and modern appearance. Building on the state-of-the-art WebUI modern theme, every scheduler view now leverages SVG icons for the most sharp, pixel-identical interface. A new version of editing form is also available which leverages HTML5, Bootstrap, and WebUI modern theme, which provides an ultimate editing experience
    • Unified Theming Support - WebScheduler has been significantly enhanced to fully support unified theming.
    • New Scheduling Experience - Completely redesigned with a modern and clean user interface. Building on the WebUI unified theming, WebScheduler's new modern theme leverages the popular CSS framework, Bootstrap.
    • Redesigned Editing Form - The editing experience has been enhanced providing a new editing experience.
    • Improved Performance - This release includes major re-engineering resulting in real-time interaction regardless of the stylesheet size.
    • Latest Browser Support - WebScheduler is now optimized for the following modern browsers: Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Safari 9.0, Chrome 47 and Firefox 42.
  • WebEssentials 4 - The WebListBox now supports clean and professional look such as those featured in modern navigation apps, while WebSlidingMenu has been remodeled with iOS-style navigation menu. In addition, WebRibbon has been improved with modern styles aligned with the entire WebUI unified visual semantics.  
  • WebTextEditor 3 - Every user interface element has been redesigned to create a sophisticated editing experience which naturally integrates a built-in spell checker and real-time file uploading. The new WebTextEditor also sports modern styles applied to all elements, from the toolbars, text editors, task panes to popovers and status bars.
  • WebUI Developer Center - Now you have access to hundreds of WebUI documentation resources online.
  • Modern Android Development - With Crosslight 5, you can now build Material Design experiences such as Floating Action Button, Material Toolbar, Shared Element Transitions, Parallax Scrolling, Material Navigation Drawer, and more with just simple property sets from Crosslight Fragments.
  • Vibrant Material Colors - Crosslight 5 adheres to the striking, vibrant color palettes Google defined for Material Design, which made Material Design apps easily distinguishable.
  • Collapsing Toolbars - As an integral part of the Material Design, Collapsing Toolbars allow for more content to shine when user consumes content on mobile devices.
  • Shared Element Transitions - UI elements from the previous screen are persisted and transformed into the other screen.
  • Navigation Drawer - Originally popularized by Google default apps such as Gmail, Play Store, Inbox, Maps, Google Now, etc, the Material navigation drawer is now implemented automatically when you use the new DrawerActivity.
  • Modernized Project Structure - The new Crosslight Android Material development patterns are now more simplified and organized than ever. Right after a Material project is created with the Crosslight Project Wizard, you'll see a new and refreshed project structure.
  • Comprehensive Material Components - To achieve all the amazing Material Design experience with simplicity, the existing Crosslight Android needs to be re-engineered from the ground-up to achieve full Material Design compliance, resulting to a powerful Crosslight Android Material library.
  • New Fragment Variants - In addition to RecyclerViewFragment, this release sports even greater and wider range of Fragment components to cater existing scenarios supported in Crosslight Android Classic and even newer scenarios.
  • Material UI Components - The new and modern UI language introduced in Material Design also affects how Crosslight Android Material apps look and behave. Re-engineering was inevitable, and the end result is Android apps now looks even more stunning UI components that blends perfectly with Material Design.
  • Crosslight Core Improvements
    • New Action Toast Presenter - With the new Action Toast Presenter, you'll be able to present new possibilities to your users once they have performed an action, for example, undoing the previous action.
    • Easily Set Title from the ViewModel - The new Crosslight 5 lets you set the Title for each screen straight from the ViewModel, instead of having to manually set each view Title for each platform. Small, yet notable improvement.
  • NuGet Packages - Crosslight now fully takes advantage the power of NuGet Package Manager to install, restore and update Crosslight packages.
  • New Crosslight UI Components - Gauge and Circular Chart, Signature Pad and Calendar.
  • Crosslight.iOS Improvements
    • iOS 9 Support
    • Full Storyboard Support
    • Form Builder Improvements
    • Modern Transparency API
  • Deeper and Better IDE Integrations
    • Crosslight Project Wizard
    • Visual Studio F1 Help Integration
    • NuGet Package Extension for Mac
    • Material Item Templates
  • ClientUI Reporting for WPF - Everything included in ClientUI Reporting for Silverlight, now available on the desktop. Full WYSIWYG report designer, pixel-perfect report rendering, desktop-class experience. Author and build Enterprise reports with full charting support.
  • Charting Support - Supporting over more than 20+ types of charts, ClientUI Reporting lets you integrate various charts inside your reports. Available for Silverlight and WPF, you can now simply drag and drop charts onto the designer surface and bind your data.
  • Chart Designer - The new charting feature also comes with comprehensive chart designer that allows you to customize various parts of the chart, including the chart’s title, axis and series.