Wijmo Core 2018 v2 (Build 523)

September 12, 2018

Updates in 2018 v2 (Build 523)


  • Added new business intelligence PWA sample - Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are regular web apps that behave like native applications on mobile devices. They can be installed, open quickly, and can operate without a network connection. GrapeCity created a MyBI sample app to show how easy it can be to build progressive web apps using Wijmo. It gets sales data stored in a Google Sheet and creates a dashboard to support business decisions.
  • WebComponents - Added Beta version of the WebComponents interop. The new Samples\TS\WebComponents\WebComponentsIntro sample explains the status and usage of the interop.
  • [npm] Wijmo is published to the global npm registry as the wijmo package.
  • Added new HierarchicalMenu sample that demonstrates how to use the new submenu feature of the Menu control.
  • Added new DropDownTree sample that demonstrates how to show a TreeView in the drop-down.
  • [Menu] Added a Menu.subItemsPath property that allows the creation of hierarchical (multi-level) menus. This is similar to the childItemsPath property in the FlexGrid and TreeView controls. The Menu.subItemsPath property specifies the name of a property that is used to populate child menus when the parent item is clicked.
  • [Menu] Added a Menu.openOnHover property that causes the menu (and any sub-menus) to open and close automatically when the mouse hovers over the control.
  • [wijmo.pdf][wijmo.grid.pdf] Improved performance, memory consumption is reduced.
  • Improved accessibility for grids with imeEnabled (made IME element aria-invisible).
  • Improved RTL support in Calendar/DropDown/Popup controls.
  • Improved touch support on input (don't show the soft keyboard when picking from drop-downs) and gauge controls (allow touch-scrolling on read-only gauges).
  • Improved clipboard support in MultiRow. Before, it would copy duplicate values for merged cells. Now, it copies only the first cell in the merged range and the remaining merged cells are replaced by empty strings (as in Excel).
  • Added support for popups in HTML elements.