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Harness the power of the Windows API (Application Programming Interface) to enhance you applications.

Published by Jumar Solutions


WinController is an ActiveX component which provides developers with functionality not offered by most programming languages. It includes more than 175 functions to manipulate windows and controls in your own application and in any other applications which may be running, to retrieve and set a wide variety of hardware and software configuration information, and to perform numerous general purpose utility functions.

The functions are organized alphabetically and in categories: Application and Window Control Functions, System Information Functions, Menu Functions, Internet Functions, etc. (see the Help file for the complete list). Each function is extremely simple to use - normally a single line of code -; and all are tested on all the 32-bit Windows versions (95/98/Me, NT/2000).

In addition WinController incorporates sophisticated error handling capabilities and comes with a full-featured and commented...

Developer License(s) One software license is required per machine. Site Wide License: Allows Unlimited Developers at a single physical address. Run-time royalty free.
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  • ActiveX DLL
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