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Workflow Engine .NET

Add workflow to your applications.

Published by OptimaJet
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2013

Version: 1.5.3 Updated: Jan 14, 2016

About Workflow Engine .NET

Add workflow to your applications.

WorkflowEngine.NET is a component that adds workflows to your application. It can be fully integrated into your application, or be in the form of a specific service (such as a Web service). The benefits of using WorkflowEngine.NET include a Web-based (HTML5) process designer and the ability to change processes in real-time. WorkflowEngine.NET is perfect for document approval systems or adding workflow to your application with minimal changes to your code.

WorkflowEngine.NET Benefits

  • Quickly add workflow functionality to your project.
  • Visually model your business processes.
  • Design processes in a Web-browser using HTML5.
  • Export/Import workflows to XML.
  • Auto-generate incoming lists.
  • Change process schemes in real-time.
  • Includes database providers for MS SQL Server, MongoDB, RavenDB, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Supports basic workflow operations including creating instances, listing available commands, execution of commands, listing available states and setting the state.