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Xenocode Virtual Application Studio 2010

Convert your Windows, .NET, Java, Flash, Shockwave or other Windows-compatible application into a self-contained virtual appliance that runs instantly.

Published by Code Systems

Xenocode Virtual Application Studio 2010

Xenocode Virtual Application Studio lets you deploy your application, data files, settings, and runtimes in a single executable. It dramatically simplifies application deployment and maintenance by shipping a single executable that runs immediately anywhere. No more "DLL hell", separate setups, or missing dependencies. Xenocode Virtual Application Studio also lets you execute .NET and Java applications with no runtime present and convert Flash and Shockwave applications into native x86 executables.


  • Deploy a single file that runs right away - Improve the user download and startup experience by packaging all application files, settings, runtimes, and components into a single executable that runs immediately
  • Convert .NET Framework and Java-based to native x86 executables - Make your Java and/or .NET-based application execute just like a native executable, with no separate installation steps or runtime versioning conflicts. Execute multiple runtime versions concurrently with no...
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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

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