XLL Plus for Visual Studio 2013 Releases

Released: Jul 30, 2016

Updates in 7.0.8


  • Now allows named grouped arguments to be omitted - Grouped scalar arguments that are supplied with labels can now omit one or more of the grouped items, so long as each such item is marked as optional. The LabelledArgs sample project has been updated to include an optional argument.
  • New Queued sample - A new sample add-in, Queued, has been added. This project demonstrates the use of queued asynchoronous functions.


  • Queued functions could fail to update - Functions that are marked...

Released: Feb 28, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in V7.0.6

  • Complex Handle Types - Object handles can now be complex types and can include namespaces and templates. It is no longer necessary to create a typedef for this kind of object.
  • Shared Handles - Object handles can now be shared across separate XLLs, so one XLL can create and publish an object and other XLLs can consume it.
  • Selective Publishing of Add-in Functions - Developers can decide which of the add-ins contained in an XLL will be made available to users. The list can be...