What's New in XLL Plus for Visual Studio 6

New features in V5.0:

  • Run functions in a background thread and update Excel using RTD
  • XLL Host module allows you to run your XLL within COM or .NET applications, on machines without Excel

New features in V4.3.1:

  • International and localization support
  • COM wrapper generator, so that XLLs can be used by free-standing VB and C# applications
  • Toolbar class
  • New samples

What's New in V4.2

  • Visual Studio .NET support (.NET and Universal Editions) - wizards, help and class libraries are fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, as well as Visual Studio 6
  • New user interface classes - the XLL+ class library now supports user-defined menus and native Excel dialogs
  • Optional arguments - you can now use the wizard to specify arguments as optional, and provide default values for missing arguments
  • Help Generator - the new help module will generate an HLP help project and the code to connect it to your XLL, so that users of your XLLs can access on-line help in Excel
  • Better STL integration - the class library now contains faster and more powerful methods for reading and writing data of any type to and from STL collection classes
  • Event handling - it is now very simple to register functions to be called for any Excel application event, such as opening and closing workbooks, recalculating worksheets and so on
  • New walkthroughs - a selection of walkthroughs to take you through various features of XLL+ has been added
  • More examples - dozens of new examples, from fragments of code to complete projects, have been provided