What's New in XML2PDF Formatting Engine

What's new in Xml2PDF Formatting Engine V2.1?

  • Microsoft Word 2013 support
  • Multiple xsl-fo fixes
  • Multiple mathml fixes

What's new in Xml2PDF Formatting Engine 2009 V1.2.12?

  • Fixed problewm with incorrect headers\footers selection
  • Added support for "splitPgBreakAndParaMark" compatability
  • Fixed problems with endnotes
  • Fixed problem with zero text scaling
  • Fixed problem creating temporary files during license validation
  • Multiple xsl-fo crashes fixed
  • Added support for AUTONUM field
  • Fixed problems with v:oval element

What's new in Xml2PDF Formatting Engine 2009 V1.2.1?
Now includes Excel to PDF support. Altsoft Xml2PDF now supports almost all Excel features. It can be used to automatically create PDF, XPS, TIFF, and SVG documents from any Excel file (.xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb).

What's new in Xml2PDF Formatting Engine 2009 V1.1.27?

  • Problem with unchecked checkboxes fixed
  • notFoundImages problem fixed
  • Formtext field support added
  • Problem with incorrect table-width fixed
  • Support for OMML(MathML) added
  • Downsampling problem is fixed (Word)
  • The support of floats in Word and HTML improoved
  • Headers and footers selection problem fixed
  • Background problem in tables fixed
  • Bookmarks in PDF background added (MergePDF)
  • Problems with watermarks in rotated pages fixed
  • Whitespace problem in SVG fixed
  • Multiple XPS problems fixed
  • Memory leak problem fixed
  • Line problems in XSL-FO fixed
  • Problems with hanging and first lines in MS Word fixed
  • Problems with borders fixed
  • Checkbox problem fixed
  • Nullable bookmarks problem fixed

What's new in Xml2PDF Formatting Engine 2009?

  • DrawingML support
  • Support of Emf/Wmf files as vector files
  • Complete HTML (including new features of CSS 3.0) support
  • MathML Support
  • HotFolder Service edition