ZoomCharts JavaScript Charts Library Releases

Released: Jan 2, 2023

Updates in 1.20.2


  • All Charts:
    • Added a setting for custom file names during chart export.
    • Added an API parameter for specifying file name during chart export.
  • TimeChart/FacetChart:
    • Added auto label spacing mode.
  • TimeChart:
    • Added a label alignment setting.
  • FacetChart:
    • Added support for 'shift+click' selection.
    • Added an API option for specifying the origin of 'zoomOut' and 'expandSlice' calls.
  • NetChart:
    • You can now update hierarchy layout on style change.
    • You can now start curved links at the edge of nodes...

Released: Jul 19, 2022

Updates in 1.20.1


  • All Charts:
    • Added a setting for custom additional rendering on chart export.
    • Changed long press triggering right click to only work on mobile.
    • Updated to newer SheetJS.
  • TimeChart/FacetChart:
    • Added new threshold value function.
    • Added settings for how long legend text should be displayed.
    • Added scroll button size animation on hover.
    • Added line gradient support.
    • Added tooltip item color settings.
    • Added gradients & styleFunctions for non-column modes.
    • Added gradient styling for markers...

Released: Aug 13, 2021

Updates in 1.20.0


  • All Charts:
    • Added a render fail event.
    • Added strictEscaping setting.
  • TimeChart/FacetChart:
    • Added Legend Grouping.
    • Added the option to hide value axis when no data is present.
    • Added a scrollbar for dropdown menu when "limitDropdownHeight" setting is enabled.
    • Added alwaysZero no data mode.
  • TimeChart:
    • Added Flexible All Data setting.
    • Added settings for click to zoom.
    • Added semiauto display unit setting.
    • Added zoom out selection settings.
    • Added a setting to show info popup at data point...