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BCGControlBar Professional V12 released

Latest release adds Microsoft Office 2010-style Ribbon backstage view and support for resizable dialogs.
Janeiro 28, 2010 - 18:19
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BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC (BCGControlBar Professional) is an MFC extension library with more than 200 well designed, tested and fully documented MFC extension classes such as toolbars, menus, controls as well as customization and visualization, that can be incorporated into your application to add Office like and Microsoft Visual Studio like UI. BCGControlBar Professional offers Office 2010 beta look and feel, Office 2007 (Office 12) style with Ribbon control, skinned interface, Vista Aero, Gantt and more. The BCGControlBar Library Professional license includes Source code and a free one year subscription that entitles you to e-mail technical support, patches and upgrades.

Updates in V12

  • CBCGPVisualManager2010 implements Microsoft Office 2010 Beta 1 color themes
  • Added Microsoft Office 2010-style Ribbon Backstage View
  • The Ribbon bar Application ("main") Button can display a text label instead of icon in the "scenic" mode (usually "File" in English language UI).
  • Implemented ability to add Ribbon Galleries to the dialogs
  • Implemented Resizable Dialogs support
  • Significantly improved CBCGPVisualManagerVS2010
  • Calculator control has been significantly improved

About BCGSoft

BCGSoft Ltd. specializes in the development of business components for Microsoft Windows. Customer satisfaction is the company's first priority and as such it aims to produce top quality software. User interface programming is not always easy, but BCGSoft helps developers to incorporate into their applications the most advanced technologies available on the market today.

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An Office 2007 style ribbon bar showing font styles.

BCGControlBar Library Professional Edition MFC

Crie aplicativos com uma interface de usuário semelhante ao Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) e outros produtos bem conhecidos.

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