Janus GridEX for .NET supports VS2010

Version 4.0 adds Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework Client Profile support, plus Office 2010 visual style.
March 11, 2011 - 18:25
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Janus GridEX for .NET is a data-aware, fully editable Outlook 2010 style grid component that hooks directly into databases. Janus GridEX implements its own data binding mechanism in order to perform sophisticated data manipulation. Janus GridEX for .NET also has an unbound mode for managing data in any format without sacrificing any group or sort capabilities. Janus GridEX includes very complete sample applications so you can add Outlook 2010 look and feel to your applications with Janus Grid Control in no time. Janus GridEX .NET includes an innovative "card view," which provides an easy means of browsing through data. This Janus Grid Control also offers advanced functionality like Office 2010 Visual Style. Janus Grid offers support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework client profiles. Janus GridEX for .NET is 64 bit compatible. Buy Janus GridEX for .NET v4 Site Wide to license an unlimited number of Developers at a Single Physical Address.

Janus GridEX for .NET is also available as part of Janus WinForms Controls Suite.

Updates in V4.0

  • Office 2010 Visual Style
  • Support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework client profiles:  Janus controls can now be used in projects targeting .Net Framework client profiles.
  • Support for multiple cell selection: MultipleCellSelection option is now available for SelectionMode property. When this option is selected, user can select multiple cells in the control like in a excel spreadsheet. To retrieve in code which cells are added you can use GridEX.SelectedCells property that returns a collection of selected cells in the control.
  • ButtonEnabled property in GridEXCell allows you to enable/disable buttons in individual cells.
  • ButtonStyle property in GridEXCell allows you to have different buttons styles in cells from the same column.
  • CellDisplayType property in GridEXCell allows you to have different display types for cells in the same column. With this property, you now can have text, image or checkboxes cells under the same column.
  • EditType property in GridEXCell allows you to have different edit types for cells in the same column. With this property you now can have cells that can be edited as text, combo or as a checkbox under the same column.
  • Enabled property in GridEXCell allows you to enable/disable individual cells in the control.
  • ValueList property in GridEXCell allows you to define a valuelist for value replacement and or as the source for the dropdown in a combo editor on each cell.
  • TreeCollapseGlyph and TreeExpandGlyph properties allows you to customize the expand/collapse images in the control.

About Janus Systems

Janus Systems is the company behind the widely popular Janus GridEX component. The company was founded in 1994. Janus GridEX, a versatile grid component, allows a customer to build a user interface similar to Microsoft's Outlook, complete with tabs, button bars, and tool tips. The component is used today by thousands of corporations from CitiBank to Glaxo Welcome and EDS, located in a broad spectrum of countries from much of Europe through to China and the United States.

Outlook style employee list displayed with Janus GridEX for .NET.

Janus GridEX for .NET

Desenvolva ferramentas de manipulação de dados no ambiente do Visual Studio (Windows Forms).

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