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Devolutions Password Server v6.0.0.0

Adds ability to connect to a Microsoft Office365 account and a new Azure configuration login in the DPS console.
Novembro 09, 2018 - 10:35
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  • New Features:
    • Added Azure AD support (Office365).
    • Can configure Email Notification on Contact Entry.
    • Can configure reports scheduling (Reports > Reports Scheduling).
    • Can edit a User Template (Administration > Data Source Settings).
    • Can send secure message.
    • New header and menu colors.
    • Sync users with active directory.
  • Improvements:
    • A log is created when checkin/checkout.
    • A log is created when user opens a report.
    • Add ability to reset domain and azure users/roles cache.
    • Add ability to test azure graph connection parameters.
    • Add check in (force) in data source permissions.
    • Add checkout entries in dashboard for admin.
    • Add column "since" for logs reports.
    • Add force check in permission.
    • Add Launcher CAL support.
    • Add launcher settings in Server Settings.
    • Add possibility to checkout every entries from a folder.
    • Add possibility to reset domain, azure users and role.
    • Add Pwned password validation.
    • Add reset cache option for office 365.
    • Added a search property in the DPS server settings.
    • Added 'plain text' configuration for 2FA email.
    • Added repository selector in pack data source UI for the DPS Console.
    • Allow the Radius authentication request to contain a username without domain.
    • 'Allow view credentials action' and 'Allow reveal credentials' are remove from Credentials.
    • 'Authentication Type' column is added in user list.
    • Azure AD Configuration is mandatory if 'Authenticate with Azure AD' is checked.
    • Batch creation of active directory users discovered with sync.
    • Better calendar field look.
    • Can assign users in roles list.
    • Can configure which entries by default on the add hover button (configuration in a repository).
    • Can hide the secure note in Dashboard.
    • Can import entries with shared passphrase security provider.
    • Can send only username for Radius 2FA.
    • Can show the activity logs of a user in the users list.
    • Checkin / Repository (add) permissions are added in Data Source Permissions.
    • Email sent to users when secure message is sent.
    • Execute / Entry history / View-Edit Documentation permissions are added in entry permissions.
    • Faster password strength calculation.
    • Improve Duo 2FA to prevent duo keys leaking.
    • 'Is Admin' column is replaced by user type in user list.
    • New Azur Configuration Login in DPS Console.
    • New Host and Sort Priority properties in Password List.
    • New icon column in template list.
    • New Last Login column in users list.
    • New look for slider (account, recent, favorites, etc.).
    • New permission 'Password history' in Security Connection.
    • Remove HTTP validation for some entries.
    • Security Group sections are removed if Use Legacy Security is unchecked.
    • Securize user, role, repository and group assignation.
    • Sub entries are checkout if a folder is checkout.
    • Variables are resolved in different list.
    • Warning message appears when filter is not filled in scheduling report.
DPS adds support for Microsoft Office365

Devolutions Password Server

Gerenciamento de acesso privilegiado e solução de segurança.

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