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DevExpress Windows 10 Apps 18.2

Adiciona um novo controle de UWP Scheduler (CTP) e uma nova Fonte de dados virtuais à Grade de dados.
Novembro 09, 2018 - 10:51
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New UWP Scheduler (CTP) - This release includes a new UWP Scheduler control - available as a community technology preview. Its features include:

  • Day, Week, Work Week and Month Views
  • Full data binding support with mappings
  • Recurring and All Day Appointment support
  • Built-in toolbar and the appointment edit form
  • Support for multiple time zones in the time ruler

Data Grid

  • New Virtual Data Source - v18.2 introduces an asynchronous virtual data source - InfiniteAsyncSource. Virtual sources allow you to bind the Grid control to any data source even if the total record count is unknown. You can create solutions that remain responsive to end-user actions regardless of the demands placed upon the Grid. Whenever you work with a large dataset, the InfiniteAsyncSource fetches and processes data on-demand, in a background thread. This ensures that the Grid control does not freeze during data-intensive operations.


  • Windows 10 Style and Other Enhancements - This release includes a number of enhancements to the Dialogs.
    • Dialogs now match the modern Windows 10 look and feel.
    • A new IDialogDocumentContent interface allows you to invoke a confirmation dialog when another dialog is displayed.
    • Adaptive UI - dialogs can scale according to the current application width.
    • Icon support for dialog buttons.
UWP Scheduler (CTP)

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