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Remote Desktop Manager v14.0.0.0

Adiciona edição ao vivo para armazenamento em FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV, Google Drive, S3 e Azure Storage.
Novembro 09, 2018 - 10:35
Nova versão


  • New Features:
    • Added 1Password vault format support.
    • Added a new Devolutions Password Server credential type.
    • Added a new permission Repository (Add).
    • Added a setting to enable offline repositories.
    • Added an Execute permission.
    • Added Check in (force) data source permissions.
    • Added custom column support for the PowerShell custom report.
    • Added live edit for FTP, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV, Google Drive, S3 storage and Azure Storage.
    • Added Mateso Password Safe credential type.
    • Added plain text editor document type.
    • Added VPN support in the synchronizers.
    • Integrated I've been pwned password check.
  • Improvements:
    • Added a checkbox for the pwned password analysis in the password analyzer report.
    • Added a context menu for the selected session in the tab group view.
    • Added a Reconnect menu in the undocked window.
    • Added a scrollbar to secure note plain textbox.
    • Added a setting "Open undocked session maximized".
    • Added a setting to remove the Disconnected label in the tab tile.
    • Added a setting to use the legacy security (privileges and security groups).
    • Added Activity Log ID to export.
    • Added Allow macro/script/tool usage from private vault in datasource settings.
    • Added Allow Open External and Open Embedded setting for the dashboard.
    • Added an option to create a log comment on view of credentials or an entry that uses credentials.
    • Added Autofill delay to web connection.
    • Added back/forward mouse clicks and changed the context menu in Chrome embedded.
    • Added browse macro script tools button to an entry's before connect event.
    • Added Cancel transfer for Google Drive, FTP/SFTP/SCP and WebDAV.
    • Added certificate validation prompt.
    • Added checkout and comment support for Secret Server.
    • Added color border thickness option for production server.
    • Added color customization in SSH Shell entry per-session, default checking in the options.
    • Added connection state support with mySQL data source.
    • Added custom HTML control ID fields in iLO web entry.
    • Added custom option to EC2 sync.
    • Added datasource settings for allow datasource variable.
    • Added DPS credential entry type.
    • Added F5 as shortcut for reload in Chrome embedded.
    • Added filter to Import computer wizard Active Directory.
    • Added group template to active directory synchronizer.
    • Added H264 support in embedded Chrome.
    • Added Hide/Reveal 2FA code for Google Authentication.
    • Added Host type combobox to HyperV synchronizer.
    • Added logs when logging off of RDP machine when "Keep tab open on disconnect" is opened.
    • Added new "allow rights propagation by role" in SQL server datasource settings.
    • Added new keyboard shortcuts for Chrome embedded browser.
    • Added new log for connection clipboard copied.
    • Added option to disable RunDll32.exe usage in Chrome embedded.
    • Added option to disable the count check when opening playlists.
    • Added password field box in secret server settings, and now take the first password when fetching a secret with multiple passwords.
    • Added ping character option for SSH Shell.
    • Added port in CmdConnection to support dynamic port variable.
    • Added server roles to Entry Information Report.
    • Added simple database validator prior to database upgrade.
    • Added start/stop functionality for dynamic logs in SSH shell.
    • Added subconnection credentials to credential list.
    • Added support for Documentation in MySQL.
    • Added support for Repositories in MySQL.
    • Added support for repository in command line and protocol handler.
    • Added support for the new LastPass CSV export format (with grouping).
    • Added the button to browse private credentials in Application Send Key.
    • Added the folder column for the Recent view.
    • Added the folder setting for the repository shortcut.
    • Added the footer menus when the UI does not have a ribbon.
    • Added the loading of the PMPApiKeys.ext file for Password Manager Pro.
    • Added the Type Clipboard button for any entry type.
    • Added the users and the roles assignment directly in the repository.
    • Added ticket number in open connection prompt.
    • Adding a status to a group will not ask you to write a message for every entry inside it.
    • Adding view button to document entries. This makes entries read only and ignores check outs.
    • Automatically select the first entry in a password list if there is only one.
    • Changed default import to now use our own Devolutions Terminal when possible.
    • Changed the add from template list in alphabetic order.
    • Changing password complexity to make it work with password templates if one is selected.
    • Credit card PIN is now encrypted.
    • Data source list is now only visible if more than one data source configured.
    • Don't show todos assigned to entries you don't have access to.
    • Embedded and external open in the dashboard is now hidden by default.
    • Implemented a setting to specify the logoff macro (logoff, shutdown /l and shutdown /l /f).
    • Improve Native FTP, Native SFTP, Native SCP, WebDAV, Google Drive, S3 storage, Azure Storage.
    • Improved DPS error display.
    • Improved file transfer progress display.
    • Improved FTP datasource directory handling.
    • Improved the clipboard security.
    • Improved the Outlook import.
    • Improved the password analyzer fields.
    • Improved the Password List to not prompt when it's selected.
    • Improved the shortcut refresh to remember the selection.
    • Improved the user and role management UI.
    • Updated embedded Chrome.
    • Updated the New-RDMRandomPassword cmdlet to include database templates.
    • Updated the Wayk integration.
    • Updated Wayk to support the unattended mode.
    • Web Browser HTML control ID now search by class name in addition to the other searches for the Autofill.

Database upgrade required.
.NET 4.7.2 is required. DPS 6.0 is recommended.

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

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