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5nine Cloud Manager v3.2

Melhora o monitoramento do uso das máquinas virtuais da CPU, além de novos recursos de gerenciamento e relatórios personalizáveis.
Dezembro 05, 2018 - 17:21
Nova versão


  • Monitoring Module:
    • VM CPU Usage - VM Level monitoring shows Guest CPU usage. This was added to give more details on how a VM was using its CPU.
    • Host Memory Usage - Total Memory Used By VM's and Total Memory used by OS Partition.  Customers will better understand how the Hosts are allocating memory to the VM's.
    • Host CPU Usage - This is the amount of CPU that the Hosts are using for Hyper-V, it will also show the total CPU % the operating system is using on the host.  This gives customers a better understanding of how CPU is being used on the Hyper-V Hosts.
  • Reporting Module:
    • Custom Report Timeframe - Allows customers to change the timeframe to generate; a first start to more customizable reports.
  • Management Module:
    • MAC Address Pools - Enterprise or Multi-Site clients can now use custom MAC address pools. This was a feature of SCVMM that 5nine Software now include in Cloud Manager.
    • Replication Failure Notices - Provides customers with alerts and emails on Replication status and failures.
    • Current VMQ Status - Shows the status of the virtual machine queue (VMQ) properties of VMQ-capable network adapters. VMQ is a scaling networking technology for switch that hashes incoming packets based on the destination MAC address.
    • Checkpoints in Grid - In the grid view of management pane it shows the checkpoints on a given VM. Gives customers an easy view of VM's with checkpoints.
    • Turn Off Warning - When you turn off a VM, 5nine Cloud Manager will now show a warning about taking this action.  Protection from accidentally turning off a VM.
    • Custom Column Saving - If customers make changes to the grids in Cloud Manager, they are now saved.
    • Settings Button on RDP Screen - Added a Settings button on the RDP screen for quick access to VM settings.
  • Backup Module:
    • No VSS Backup  - Offers customers running Windows 2016 to run backups without using VSS.
    • Backup Failure Notifications - New alerts and notifications on backup progress, success and failures. Includes email alert options.
  • Installer Updates:
    • Links to Evolve - Links to evolve are now added to the installer, quick access to help.
  • Licensing Updates:
    • Change Licensing Port - In the past Cloud Manager used port 8443 for licensing, this is being changed to port 443 for easier registrations in closed and NAT environments.
  • SDN Module:
    • VLAN and VXLAN networks management  - Create and manage Datacenter networks or isolated Tenant networks.
    • Datacenter Firewall (ACL rules)  - Create and manage access rules for North-South and East-West traffic in Datacenter or Tenant networks.
    • Load balancing in VXLAN and VLAN networks - Create and manage load balancers for Datacenter networks or isolated Tenant network. Reduce cost of implementing LB features, replace NLB.
    • Backup / Restore - Backup and Restore your SDN settings.


  • Upon closing the Console customized columns and quick start toolbar did not save and reverted to defaulted.
  • Older disks which are now deleted still showing in tree.
  • Disk Labels don't appear when looking at the 'disk' in the monitoring.
  • Initial Splash Screen - Show "Update" when previous version is installed instead of "Install".
  • Confirmation Message for "Remove SDN endpoint" operation.
  • Details tool tip in "Add SDN endpoint" and "Create Network Controller" wizards for "Rest Endpoint" field.
  • Chart legend does not match chart.
  • Monitoring - disk tab - wrong disk order in drop down list.
  • Azure Management - Configure alerts - add metric alert - Display issue with 125% scale.
  • Storage control works incorrect in the Create Template of VM wizard.
  • In some cases the Edit VM switch did not work.
  • Active Directory - Added the ability to search by pressing the enter button.
  • Replication Recovery Points configuration made in Hyper-V Manager doesn't get reflected in Cloud Manager.
  • Backup wizard - UI Improved: Select button is trimmed.
  • VM created under tenant user if simple permission role model used.
  • Create group\Add User - "Use Advanced Resource Based Permissions" is not displayed.
  • Parent column not always displayed in the tenant wizard.
  • Reporting - some options disappear when you maximize then minimize a section.
  • Reporting - Memory sorting doesn't sort in order.
  • Administration - After deleting group for users not available "remove" button.
  • Wording when deleting a backup job.
  • Backup - Need to correct lapse in wizard.
  • ISO setup - Install new instance of SQL Server - Need add validation for instance name.
  • New VM - some options revert back to default during the creation process.
  • Added SDNv2 plugin to ISO version for console installation.
  • In some cases the Node Health and Virtual Machine Health reports incorrect stats.
  • In some cases the Job would fail when trying add\delete virtual switch.
  • ISO setup - Agent install - "Password" field should be empty.
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