Highcharts Suite v7.0.3

Adiciona a opção xAxis.margin para garantir uma distância definida entre vários eixos no mesmo lado.
Fevereiro 12, 2019 - 16:18
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  • Added option treemap.events.setRootNode.
  • Added option xAxis.margin to ensure a distance between multiple axes on the same side.
  • Renamed 'plotOptions.treemap.allowDrillToNode' to 'allowTraversingTree' to avoid confusion with the drilldown module that has a different behaviour.


  • Fixed #10006, wrong intersection position in venn.
  • Fixed #10038, series labels didn't fit on area series when rendered on data extreme.
  • Fixed #3417, label text-anchor with empty align attribute was set to undefined.
  • Fixed #7048, tooltips didn't appear on null values in heatmap when in boost mode.
  • Fixed #7872, pass proper parameters to animation step when animation is skipped. Resolved issue with wrong column chart placement when rendered in a hidden tab.
  • Fixed #9823, disabled draggable triggered drop event.
  • Fixed #9838, dissappearing traverseUpButton.
  • Fixed #9930, warnings of deprecated e.returnValue in Chrome console.
  • Fixed #9944, incorrect Y axis extremes after zooming X axis with a column series.
  • Fixed #9964, title top margin applied when text was empty.
  • Fixed #9978, horizontal scrollbar on RTL charts with a11y module.
  • Fixed ARIA for show/hide legend items.
  • Fixed draggable points capturing click events.
  • Fixed endless recursion in sankey charts on circular data.
  • Fixed issue with series event handlers not surviving series.update.
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