Melhora a conexão do banco de dados e editor SQL.
Novembro 29, 2019 - 14:25
Nova versão


  • Database Connection - Added new “Switch to a new connection in the active window” option which is enabled by default. When disabled, starting a new database session does not change the database connection in the active window.


SQL Editor

  • Fixed history panel splitter.
  • Splitter positions of the Dataset Manager and SQL History panels are now remembered and restored correctly.
  • The token with leading ampersand in a string literal is now always recognized as a possible substitution variable.
  • The height of the results panel is no longer minimized after switching back from the Stored Program Editor.
  • A literal is no longer truncated if there are line breaks in it.

Smart Dataset

  • The “List index out of bounds” error no longer occurs on refreshing the dataset for a modified table.
  • The error “ORA-00947: not enough values” no longer occurs on trying to perform an insert into tables with several object type fields of a similar type.

Database Examiner

  • The “Refresh Data” command is no longer active when a database connection is closed.
  • The “Find in All Columns” window now always opens on pressing Ctrl+F in the Database Examiner.

Session Navigator

  • If an Oracle directory does not exist in the database, it is now automatically created to get a trace file.

Schema Compiler

  • When the “Auto Open” option is enabled, the Schema Compiler window now always opens automatically when a new session is created.
  • The Schema Compiler customization is no longer cleared after disconnecting from an inactive session.

Export Data Wizard

  • Exporting data from the Object Navigator no longer adds a non-existent object “.” to the export objects list.


  • The QBE (Query By Example) and Find commands are no longer active when the dataset is closed.

Main Window

  • The main application window no longer hides after opening the Database Connection window for the second time.


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