InstallAware Express X11

Gerencie registros, sistema de arquivos, compartilhamentos, rede e direitos de impressão.
Dezembro 20, 2019 - 9:43
Nova versão


  • New Security Model - Manage registry, file system, share, network, and printer rights from completely rebuilt, robust code - without any changes in your setup projects.
  • Script Analytics - New visual designer reflects the types and numbers of your script commands. You may also edit single commands from this view, after selecting a type of command such as "Install Files".
  • SQL Server 2019 - The latest runtimes including the Express edition of your favorite database, repacked to a smaller size (11% smaller).
  • 4K GDI Scaling - Your setups have always been 4K display compatible, and now your InstallAware IDE and Dialog Designer are too.
  • 1909/19H2 Eco-System - Detect and install on the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server, with full support for the entire eco-system. Windows Features and Server Roles are also fully up-to-date for the 1909 branch.
InstallAware Express

InstallAware Express

Crie instalações sofisticadas em tempo recorde sem qualquer habilidade de programação ou scripts.

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