InstallAware Express X12

Adiciona suporte para Web Media Blocks assinados.
Junho 12, 2020 - 10:44
Nova versão


  • Signed Web Media Blocks: Automatic verification at runtime, plus verify the code signature (and signer) on any file.
  • Improved Security: Eliminate anti-virus false positives, now all InstallAware engine and plug-in files are signed.
  • Authenticity: Especially now with decentralized data sourcing, guarantee your setups are genuine with signed web downloads.
  • New Templates: User Mode installs for limited user accounts, Delayed Elevation for deferred UAC prompts.
  • Delayed Elevation Template: InstallAware have always chosen to elevate first, but now you may defer.
  • Limited User Account Template: Out-of-the-box support for User Mode installations without getting admins involved.
  • 20/04 Platform: Updated definitions for Microsoft Windows Features on AARCH64 and Windows 10 20H1, and official 20/04 refresh.
  • Windows Features: 100% precision configuration with up-to-date definitions including AARCH64 and Windows 10 2004.
  • Full-Breadth Windows: Target from the earliest X86 (Windows XP) through the latest AARCH64 (Windows 10) with a single setup.
  • IDE Upgrades: Team Project Explorer for Microsoft Azure DevOps, in-place script search, full path support in the Project Manager.
  • Azure DevOps: Empower distributed teams with the new Team Project Explorer integrated into the IDE.
  • Work Faster: The new IDE features in-place text search and highlighting, together with advanced matching options.
InstallAware Express

InstallAware Express

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