Pcl2pdf V6.9 updated

Julho 06, 2011 - 15:47
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Pcl2pdf for Windows Server quickly converts HP PCL print files to concise, industry standard PDF. Documents can be viewed and printed using the Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) product range and distributed by Web or e-mail. Pcl2pdf produces PDF documents that are fully text searchable and ready for indexing. Data encryption, passwords and access permissions can be applied. Pcl2pdf is available for Windows PC, Windows Server and UNIX systems with command line converters.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V6.9

  • Implemented new “-TEMP” switch for user specified temporary file directory
  • Implemented new “-PC” switch for print copies, “-PS” and “-PE” for print range start and end and “-PM” for print preferences
  • Implemented “IBM DOS” style line and box drawing character support
  • Implemented 24-bit RGB PCL color support, in conjunction with AXIAR Imaging, with opacity and transparency and within macros
  • Implemented new “-IFF” switch to suppress blank page generation on form feed when no data on page
  • Implemented Euro character in HP 9N and 13U symbol sets
  • Implemented right and center justified text printing using HP-GL/2 'LO' command
  • Implemented “white text” printing
  • Implemented PCL raster graphics “mode 5” adaptive compression
  • Implemented various “bug” fixes and PCL code enhancements
  • Improved PCL duplex paper handling support
  • Improved PCL “offset registration” support, including for 90 degree rotated portrait pages
  • Improved HP-GL/2 support
  • New Windows and AIX, HP-UX, Linux, OpenVMS, SCO, Solaris builds
  • Developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

About Visual Software

Visual Software was established in 1992 offering LaserJet PCL print file viewing, conversion and distribution solutions to OEMs and customers worldwide. Expertise is offered for windows, Unix, AS/400, OpenVMS and Xerox platforms. Pcl2pdf, in it's 5th generation, is a leading PCL to PDF document converter and has been licensed to thousands of end users, OEMs and solution providers.


Converting a PCL print file to PDF using Pcl2pdf.

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