AH XSL Formatter Standard Support

Maintenance Service

AH Formatter V5 standard is provided with a 90 day warranty. AH Formatter V5 Lite doesn't include a 90 day warranty.

Who is entitled to receive the maintenance service?

  • AH Formatter V5 Standard customers with 90 day warranty. Customers who subscribe to the Annual Maintenance Service per one year after 90 day warranty
  • AH Formatter V5 Lite customers who subscribe to the Annual Maintenance Service per one year

If the warranty or annual maintenance period has expired customers may purchase an annual maintenance agreement by paying the retroactive maintenance to when their warranty or previous annual maintenance agreement ended. The customer is then entitled to continued support, the latest version of AH Formatter and all upgrades that become available during the period of the new agreement.

Service Provided:

  • If the license is within the maintenance period, all the Customer Services are available
    • Bug reports and Requirements
    • Upgrade to all major V5 and V5 Lite releases and Maintenance releases of AH Formatter
    • One to one technical support
    • Mailing list
    • Q&A on the Web
  • After the maintenance period, only the following services are available
    • Mailing list
    • Q&A on the Web