Astah UML v9.2 - 100 Seat Organizational Annual License Renewal


Preço cada: $ 6,428.80Número da peça do fabricante: AU6NLE-A12Nosso número da peça: CS-533580-1496018

Astah UML v9.2 Organizational Annual License - Renewal

(Manual Registration - you will be issued a license number and code to extend your support).

100 Seat Organizational Annual License Renewal


Manual Registration
After your order has been processed you will be issued with a License Number and Validation Code which you will need to register in order to activate your software. Instructions for registration can be found in the Readme.txt file once you have downloaded your order.

Entregue via E-mail:

  • Astah UML Serial Number and Download link

Annual Organizational License (Manual Registration):
The Organizational License is the most effective way to purchase for large teams with hosted on Astah portal available over 10 users. This works in a similar way to floating licensing. A license administrator can assign licenses to team members and licenses can be returned once a user no longer needs it and re-distributed to another user.The Organizational License is available in 10, 25, 50 and 100 packs and it is an annual license.

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