O que há de novo no dtSearch Network with Spider

What's New in dtSearch Network with Spider

What's New in dtSearch 7.64?

Enhancements (dtSearch Engine)

  • Added dtsSearchLanguageAnalyzerSynonyms flag to enable using a language analyzer to generate morphological variations on a search term at search time. When this flag is set, the language analyzer is called for each word or phrase in the search request. The flag dtsLaInputIsSearchTerm is passed to the language analyzer in dtsLaJob.flags, so the language analyzer knows why it is being called.
  • Added dtssGetWordBreaker API function to provide direct access to the dtSearch Engine's internal word breaker using the language analyzer API. For sample code demonstrating how to use this API, see the WordBreak example in examples\vc8\WordBreak.
  • Added more structural information to the output generated by conversion to the it_ContentAsXml file format.
  • Added to COM interface: WordListBuilder.ListFieldValues, WordListBuilder.SetFilter, and IndexJob.EnumerableFields.
  • Added dtsListIndexSkipNoiseWords flag for ListIndexJob to list words in an index without including any noise words.
  • Added dtsoFfSkipDataSourceFields flag for Options.FieldFlags to prevent DocFields values from appearing in FileConverter output

Fixes and minor enhancements

  • Fixed incorrect display of CreationDate and ModDate properties in PDF files
  • Fixed incorrect hit highlighting when Unicode Filtering options at search time different from options used to index a file. To ensure consistent options, Unicode Filtering options are stored in the index when the index is created, in the index_a.ix file.
  • Fixed error updating index when directory specified for temporary files is inaccessible.
  • Fixed index merge bug causing "Inconsistent doc ids from target index" error during merge.
  • Fixed two search report bugs causing incorrect hit highlighting.
  • Improved formatting of documents converted from Ami Pro and Quattro Pro to HTML
  • Added automatic detection of gb2312 and JIS encoding.
  • Added automatic detection of XyWrite, XBase, WordStar 3.x, and WordPerfect 4.2 and TAR files.
  • Improved reporting of file types by FileConverter.DetectedTypeId, providing much more specific information about Microsoft Word versions and adding type detection for additional file formats
  • Added support for text extraction from Adobe Framemaker MIF, XFA form templates in PDF files, and Visio XML files
  • Fixed "Excessive nesting" error indexing OpenOffice document due to bug parsing table structure
  • Fixed RTF file parser bug affecting handling of the \upr tag
  • Other file parser bug fixes affecting Multimate, Lotus 1-2-3, PDF, Word, PowerPoint

What's New in dtSearch 7.63?

  • Added IndexFileInfo.UserFields in .NET API to provide access to stored fields through the IIndexStatusHandler callback interface during indexing
  • Added dtsnIndexDeletedFileRemoved, dtsnIndexListedFileRemoved, and dtsnIndexListedFileNotRemoved notifications to the indexing status callbacks to notify the calling application when files are removed from the index during indexing or when an attempt to remove a listed file fails

What's New in dtSearch 7.62?

  • Regular Expression searching extended to support TR1 regular expressions
  • Added new cmap files for PDF extraction
  • Reduced Memory use for searches that retreive large numbers of documents with a relatively small MaxFilesToRetrieve value

What's New in dtSearch 7.61?

Added new user interface appearance options and updated toolbar icons

What's New in dtSearch 7.5?

New dtSearch Desktop with Spider 64-bit version: The new release includes a native 64-bit version of the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET (for .NET 2.0/3.0) for developers to integrate into web-based and other applications. The 64-bit version provides full API access to dtSearch's terabyte indexer and search functionality, file format and database support (including SQL BLOB data).

International language enhancements: dtSearch products include international language support through Unicode, covering hundreds of international languages. The new version adds improved searching of Chinese, Japanese and Korean text presented without spaces between words. The new version also offers improved developer API integration with third-party international language morphological analyzers like those from Basis Technology

What's New in dtSearch 7.43?

  • Fixed bug in PDF file parser affecting decoding of CID fonts in PDF files
  • Fixed error extracting item from TAR file to hit-highlight after search
  • Added detection of the following file types with missing or incorrect filename extensions: Microsoft Word 2003 XML files, Microsoft Excel 2003 XML files.
  • Fixed error indexing using data source API under WebSphere
  • Fixed extra spacing in output when HTML converted to UTF-8 text

What's New in dtSearch 7.40?

  • Automatic recognition of dates, email addresses, and credit card numbers in text
  • Support for Vista XMP metadata
  • Support for PowerPoint 2007 (*.pptx). (The product line already supports Word 2007 (*.docx) and Excel 2007 (*.xlsx))
  • Support for Vista XML Paper Specification (*.xps) documents
  • A new IndexCache object in the .NET 2.0 API, and dtsIndexCache object in the C++ API of the dtSearch Engine. The new objects enable much faster searching when a series of searches must be done against a small number of indexes

What's New in dtSearch 7.30?

Enhancements (All products)

  • Added preliminary support for Word 2007 (*.docx) and Excel 2007 (*.xlsx) based on the current Office 2007 beta and available documentation.
  • Added support for JPG and TIFF metadata, including EXIF and IPTC fields.
  • Unicode filtering file parser can handle individual documents larger than 2 Gb, and support for files larger than 2 Gb added to the extext.exe utility
  • Improved handling of partially inaccessible email files. In previous versions, if an email had encrypted or corrupt data (for example, an encrypted attachment), the whole email was reported as encrypted or corrupt. In this version, the readable portion of the message is indexed and the unreadable portion is separately reported as a partially encrypted or partially unreadable file. This change applies to Outlook messages, TNEF files, .eml files, MBOX archives, and .msg files.

Enhancements (dtSearch Engine)

  • Beta x64 (64-bit) versions of the dtSearch Indexer and dtSearch Engine (dtIndexer64.exe, dtengine64.dll, and dtSearchNetApi2.dll. The index format and APIs (C++, COM, and .NET) are identical to the 32-bit version. The 64-bit components are in a separate download file (dtSearch64_730.exe) with the same installation password as the dtSearch Engine SDK.
  • Added alternative PDF highlighting mechanism for client-based applications (see "Highlighting Hits in PDF files" in the API Overviews section for details)
  • Added ListIndexJob object to the .NET 2.0 API to list files, words, or fields in an index (see dtSearchNetApi2.chm for API reference)
  • Added dtsListIndexIncludeDocId flag for dtsListIndexJob and ListIndexJob to provide a quick way to list all documents in an index and the doc id for each document
  • C++ API Changes to support 64-bit file sizes in dtsInputStream (added size64 and seek64), dtsInputStreamReader, dtsFileInfo (added size64), dtsSearchResultsItem (added size64). These changes preserve binary compatibility for the dtSearch Engine DLL, but some C++ code may trigger new warnings when compiled because of 64-bit values returned.
  • Added dtsIndexKeepExistingDocIds flag to specify that, when compressing an index, the indexer should not remap document ids, so document ids will be unmodified in the index once compression is done.
  • Fixes and minor enhancements


What's New in dtSearch 7.20?

  • New file parsers for OpenOffice documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (*.sxw, *.sxc, *.odt, *.ods, etc.), covering OpenOffice version 1 and OpenOffice version 2 (the "Open Document Format for Office Applications")
  • New file parsers for the Microsoft Office XML formats (Microsoft Word 2003 XML and Microsoft Excel 2003 XML)
  • Added "Opening containing folder" in right-click menu for retrieved items
  • Improved reporting of errors that occur when copying files in Edit > Copy File(s)
  • dtindexer.exe: added /caf and /cat command-line option to cache text (/cat) or cache original files (/cad), when creating indexes using the command line, and /recog to recognize an index.
  • Added Help > Check For Updates feature to automatically download new versions

The new release includes major enhancements to the dtSearch product line's display of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. The new release also includes enhancements for indexing and searching Outlook message stores. Finally, the new release includes an additional feature for forensics usage.