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Flyway Teams is a database migration tool that strongly favors simplicity and convention over configuration. It is based around just 7 basic commands: Migrate, Clean, Info, Validate, Undo, Baseline and Repair. Migrations can be written in SQL (database-specific syntax (such as PL/SQL, T-SQL, ...) is supported) or Java (for advanced data transformations or dealing with LOBs). Flyway Teams has a Command-line client. If you are on the JVM, redgate recommend using the Java API for migrating the database on application startup. Alternatively, you can also use the Maven or Gradle plugins or one of many others available (Spring Boot, Dropwizard, Grails, Play, SBT, Ant, Griffon, Grunt, Ninja ...). Flyway Teams supports a wide range of databases, including: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MariaDB, PostgreSRL, DB2 and more, plus cloud support for Amazon RDS, Microsoft SQL Azure, Google Cloud SQL, Heroku and more.

Database migrations made easy
Version control for your database, so you can migrate it with ease and confidence.

Simple to use
Flyway Teams lets you regain control of your migrations with ease.

Solves one problem well
Flyway Teams migrates your database, so you don't have to worry about it.

Made for CI/CD
Releases have never been this easy.

Flyway Teams just works.
Migrate from any version (including an empty database) to the latest version of the schema.

  • Plain old SQL - Plain SQL scripts...

Últimas Notícias

Flyway 9.4.0
Flyway 9.4.0
Adiciona suporte para Microsoft SQL Server 2022.
Flyway 9.2.1
Flyway 9.2.1
Adiciona suporte para scripting Snowflake e Snowflake 6.
Flyway 9.1.5
Flyway 9.1.5
Adiciona SQLFluff à imagem do Docker para uso com novas integrações.
Flyway 9.0.0
Flyway 9.0.0
Adiciona o comando “check” à interface de linha de comando para gerar relatórios de implantação.
Flyway 8.5.6
Flyway 8.5.6
Adiciona suporte para os modos STRICT e LEGACY no sistema de gerenciamento de banco de dados H2.
Flyway 8.4.3
Flyway 8.4.3
Adiciona o novo callback, que é disparado por migrações com scripts recém-aplicados.
Flyway Teams Edition is a superset of Flyway Community Edition which adds more functionality, supports older databases, and provides additional support options for customers. Licensed on a...

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