GdPicture.NET Managed PDF Plugin

Suporte destendido ao formato PDF para desenvolvimento de aplicativos .NET.

Publicado por GdPicture
Distribuído pela ComponentSource desde 2009

Versão: 14.1.40 Atualizado: semanalmente?


Please note that the GdPicture.NET Managed PDF Plugin is no longer available as an individual product option and is now included in GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate.
If you wish to continue to receive updates to the Plugin functionality you will need to upgrade your license, please contact us for a quote.

GdPicture.NET Managed PDF Plugin

GdPicture.NET Managed PDF Plugin is a 100% royalty-free extension of GdPicture.NET which brings extended support of the PDF format for .NET application (C# and VB.NET) and non managed applications written in VB6, Delphi, MSAccess, Windev and more. GdPicture PDF Plugin has a very intuitive API with full Unicode support which works fast on large documents and delivers valued features such as PDF/A generation, digital signature support, PDF merging and splitting, PDF modification, PDF rasterization, PDF creation with interactive form fields etc. Note: this plugin is required for OCR PDF files.

GdPicture.NET Managed PDF Plugin Main Features:

  • Read, Edit, Create or Write PDF documents from file or Stream.
  • Print PDF document with full control on the printing process.
  • Full support for incremental saving to preserve document content history.
  • Fast linearized PDF saving ( also called “Fast Web View).
  • Interactive PDF features support: Actions, document-level navigation and more.
  • File linking support.
  • Repair corrupted documents.
  • Pack and compress existing documents reusing existing resources to...

Últimas Notícias

GdPicture.NET v14.1.40
GdPicture.NET v14.1.40
Adiciona suporte à redação PDF e melhora a precisão do mecanismo de OCR.
GdPicture.NET v14.1.38
GdPicture.NET v14.1.38
Melhora a edição do .NET Core 3, além dos mecanismos SVG e MRC.
GdPicture.NET v14.1.37
GdPicture.NET v14.1.37
Adiciona suporte para converter imagens SVG em documentos PDF vetoriais.
GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate v14.1.36
GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate v14.1.36
Melhora a criptografia de PDF e o desempenho de transferência de dados DocuVieware.
GdPicture.NET v14.1.34
GdPicture.NET v14.1.34
Melhora o processamento de formato do Microsoft Office e suporte a TWAIN.
GdPicture.NET v14.1.33
GdPicture.NET v14.1.33
Melhora o suporte aos campos de formulário em PDF e a formatação de células/texto no mecanismo rasterizador de XLSX.
One software license is required per developer. Runtime Royalty Free for Internal Deployment. External deployment requires that you have a current maintenance agreement. Important license change from...

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