Lançamentos do InstallAware DiskZIP

Released: Jul 5, 2021

Atualizações na 2022


  • This new version adds vital Microsoft Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 compatibility.
  • Added Incremental Copy Feature - Incremental Copy fits files larger than the amount of remaining free disk space on a deduplicated volume, by copying and compressing them incrementally, taking as many iterations as needed.

Released: Jul 12, 2020

Atualizações na 2020


  • New file compression ability - Just rename any folder on your PC with the file extension of the compression format you would like to use. For example, you could rename “my pictures” to “my pictures.zipx”, and DiskZIP will automatically create a ZIPX archive for you.
  • DiskZIP reduces footprint while accelerating disk read speeds across the board. The more apps a user has installed the more free disk space they are going to generate “out of thin air” thanks to DiskZIP transparent...

Released: Aug 12, 2019

Atualizações na 2019

InstallAware DiskZIP Initial Release Features

  • In addition to malware, in the event that mandatory operating system updates, application configuration errors, or even user errors inadvertently damage your configuration; DiskZIP restores your PC to the exact state it was in when you had last compressed it through the one-click “System Refresh” option.
  • Should you be unable to boot to the Windows Desktop, your data is still safe and easily recoverable when you attach your drive with your compressed...