Sobre o jSparrow

Refatoração automática de Java.

jSparrow is a powerful tool for automatic Java source code refactoring. It is suitable for single developers and for teams of all sizes. It can be applied to simple projects up to complex Java programs with millions of lines of code. It applies coding conventions and enhances readability of Java code automatically within minutes even for big projects.

Based on a set of rules you can decide which improvements should be applied to your code base. These rules include removing code smells, introducing lambda expressions, adding proper logging, and many many more. jSparrow is in active development and there are new rules released regularly. You can use jSparrow as part of your development process in the Eclipse IDE or integrate it seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline as a Maven plugin.

jSparrow Features

Automatic Java Code Refactoring

  • Less repetitive work - Repetitive work is with jSparrow unnecessary; through quick and secure maintenance you will have more time to implement new functionality.
  • Secure Java upgrade - jSparrow can also upgrade your software to more secure and performant versions.
  • Increase readability - jSparrow can improve readability - making code easier to be read by many and enable managers to expand their software engineering team.
  • Unique preview mode - Additionally, jSparrow is the only maintenance tool which allows you to preview your original source with the refactored code before making any committing decisions.