O que há de novo no LEADTOOLS ePrint Terminal Server

What's New in LEADTOOLS ePrint Terminal Server

What’s new in LEADTOOLS ePrint 6
Version 6 builds upon and enhances its print-to-file conversion of over 150+ formats, Advanced PDF features, Task Printers, Workstation Application and more by upgrading ePrint to use the latest technology from LEADTOOLS Version 18.

On top of the across-the-board improvements to ePrint’s core functionality, it now comes with support for Optical Character Recognition through LEAD’s internally developed Advantage OCR Engine

LEADTOOLS ePrint 6 takes OCR technology used around the globe within large corporations and financial institutions and packages it in a comprehensive and user-friendly print-to-file desktop application. The OCR Engine is capable of recognizing text from images in over thirty languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and more.