Ozcode Visual Studio Extension - Enterprise Edition

Ozcode - Enterprise Edition is an innovative debugging tool, which complements Visual Studio and improves the C# debugging experience. It is a visual debugger which helps you figure out complex expressions, drill into inner exceptions, easily add logging statements on-the-fly and quickly diagnose memory issues and track-down the relevant object references.

Ozcode - Enterprise Edition Features

LINQ Debugging - Ozcode elevates LINQ with debugging tools that allow you to gain visibility, clarity and insights into your debugging process.

  • Numeric Indicator - See how many items passed through the LINQ operator. Quickly notice when things go wrong & easily decide how to move forward.
  • LINQ DataTip - See the items a given operator has produced. Change your LINQ query and see the new results instantly to understand how it affects your code.
  • LINQ...

Últimas Notícias

OzCode - Enterprise Edition v4.0.0.1543
OzCode - Enterprise Edition v4.0.0.1543
Adiciona a funcionalidade "repetir a última pesquisa" ao recurso QuickAttach.
OzCode - Enterprise Edition v4.0.0.822
OzCode - Enterprise Edition v4.0.0.822
Melhora o comportamento de DataTip (dica de ferramenta) ao focalizar.
OzCode - Enterprise Edition v4
OzCode - Enterprise Edition v4
Melhore a depuração C#! Economize tempo de depuração. Codifique mais. Codifique melhor.

Preços a partir de: $ 289.10

Ozcode is licensed per user, per year. To continue to use the software after 1 year, you need to renew the annual license. Enterprise Edition: Transferable Licenses (Transferable within the same...

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Compatible Containers
  • Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019.

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