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PACE is an information management system, with integrated requirements management, document management and more. PACE allows you to capture, analyze, develop, trace and manage information throughout the product lifecycle. PACE was designed to work with, and have a familiar, intuitive and similar look and feel to the tools that are already in use in your organization on a daily basis -Web browsers, Microsoft Office, etc. This means the training for new users is minimal, and teams readily adopt PACE, as they exploit all the benefits of a formal requirements engineering solution without the overhead of learning another complex, custom interface.

PACE Features

Seamless Microsoft Word integration:

  • Capture individual requirements, tables or images
  • Auto capture paragraphs or entire documents
  • Bi-directional synchronize
  • Work offline
  • Uncapture objects
  • Set property mappings
  • Add attributes to captured requirements
  • Support for OLE

Intuitive Web Interface:

  • Easy navigation
  • User friendly
  • Microsoft folder look and feel
  • Manage requirements from virtually anywhere
  • Full  requirements management functionality
  • No downloads or plug in required


Últimas Notícias

PACE improves Discussions
PACE improves Discussions
Alerts are now sent when a reply is added to an existing discussion.
ViewSet joins ComponentSource
ViewSet joins ComponentSource
PACE is a requirements management and collaboration solution.

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