Lançamentos do Pcl2pdf for Unix (including Linux, OpenVMS) Server

Released: Jul 6, 2011

Atualizações na V6.9

  • Implemented new “-TEMP” switch for user specified temporary file directory
  • Implemented new “-PC” switch for print copies, “-PS” and “-PE” for print range start and end and “-PM” for print preferences
  • Implemented “IBM DOS” style line and box drawing character support
  • Implemented 24-bit RGB PCL color support, in conjunction with AXIAR Imaging, with opacity and transparency and within macros
  • Implemented new “-IFF” switch to suppress blank page generation on form feed when no data on page...

Released: Oct 24, 2005

Atualizações na V6.0

Pcl2pdf v6.0 concentrates on 128 bit encryption support, power, performance and stability features.

  • Support for PDF 128 bit encryption - 128 bit encryption is used in many products, including PDF and web browsers, and is now considered to be the minimum acceptable level of encryption security required for serious, professional use. For PDF documents 128 bit encryption also provides more document related options with regard to permitting or disallowing certain form field fill-in and document...

Released: Sep 15, 2004

Atualizações na V5.5

Pcl2pdf v5.5 concentrates on power, performance and stability features.

Support for PDF initial view settings using -IV:".." switch
Pcl2pdf can apply settings to the output PDF document to control the initial appearance of the document in Adobe Acrobat. Such settings include hiding the menu, tool bar, scrolls bars, navigation controls, resizing the windows, displaying pages in columns, hiding or showing document outlines or thumbnails. Some options are mutually exclusive and not intended for use...