About PowerWF for Service Manager

Automate your service desk.

PowerWF for Service Manager is completely integrated with Microsoft's Service Manager, it lets you extend the Service Manager authoring experience using PowerWF to create custom Service Manager activities.  With PowerWF for Service Manager you can create and test workflows before deploying them to Service Manager.

PowerWF for Service Manager Features

  • Management Pack Creation - PowerWF simplifies the creation of Microsoft System Center Service Manager management packs for both scheduled and triggered tasks.
  • Create Service Manager Activities - Create Activities that can be used to Extend and Enhance the Microsoft SCSM authoring tool experience
  • Reduce the Cost of Automation - Reduce the cost of automating and adapting your IT Service Management best practices by leveraging both PowerWF and Microsoft's Service Manager.
  • Drag & Drop Script Development - PowerWF for Service Manager provides all the features found in PowerWF, including Drag & Drop script development.
  • Infinitely Expandable - PowerWF makes Service Manager infinitely expandable. Every PowerShell Snap-In & Module automatically becomes a Windows Workflow Activity in PowerWF, allowing you to create workflows that encompass virtual any environment.