ReportServer/TR is a report server that hosts reports created with Telerik Reporting. It works with any version of Telerik Reporting and allows you to schedule reports to run at any frequency. You can pass parameters to reports, including dynamic and cascading parameters and easily integrate it with your network security infrastructure. Store reports in any format supported by Telerik Reporting.

VersaReports ReportServer/TR has the flexibility to integrate into your existing infrastructure and provides an easy-to-use, AJAX-based web interface so that your users can see and do what they need to do without a lot of hand-holding.

The current release takes ReportServer's flexibility and ease-of-use several steps further with:

  • Store reports in Oracle and MySQL database servers in addition to SQL Server
  • Schedule reports using dynamic and cascading parameters
  • Significantly simplified...

Últimas Notícias

ReportServer/TR released
ReportServer/TR released
A report server for Telerik Reporting.
One software license is required per server. Run-time royalty free. A 1-year Priority Support Contract is included with your license purchase. During the term of the contract, priority support...

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Sistema operacional para desenvolvimento
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003