SpeedTrace Pro

SpeedTrace Pro is designed to provide application insights of recorded applications with extreme stability, reliability and accurate results. Freely distributable trace agents just record the application processes - with almost no-intrusion. The recorded trace can then be analyzed on a separate host in order to minimize impacts and to prevent slowdowns on the target machine. SpeedTrace’s guaranteed low impact tracing and minimized intrusion are key to stability in production environments.

Great tool to deep dive inside complicated .NET applications and tease out performance and bug issues... Wonderful tool.

Brian Douglass, Senior Architect, IGT

Free Trace Agents
SpeedTrace Pro provides you with a freely Redistributable Recorder acting as a trace agent with which you can now trace a virtually unlimited number of external clients via Internet/network free of charge. In principle, the recorder works like the black box used in aviation. With the respective time stamps you can always trace what happened during an event, what lead up to it and thereby find out what actually caused it.

Ingenious architecture
In a second (profiling) stage...

Últimas Notícias

SpeedTrace Pro v8.0.4
SpeedTrace Pro v8.0.4
Adiciona um novo recurso para capturar eventos de processos secundários.
SpeedTrace Pro v8.0.1
SpeedTrace Pro v8.0.1
Melhora os recursos do Remote Tracing e melhora a integração do .NET Runtime Analyzer.
SpeedTrace Pro v7.0.56
SpeedTrace Pro v7.0.56
Adiciona suporte para .NET 6.0, além do suporte à captura de eventos de rede para processos anexados.
SpeedTrace Pro v7.0
SpeedTrace Pro v7.0
Poderoso profiler e tracer .NET para gerar o perfil de problemas de desempenho.

Preços a partir de: $ 392.21

One software license is required per user. SpeedTrace Pro provides you with freely Redistributable Recorder acting as a trace agent with which you can trace a virtually unlimited number of external...

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