Structure101 Build

Structure101 Build comprises a simple but powerful set of command line utilities, that integrates easily with almost any continuous integration environment, including off-the-shelf integrations with Ant, Jenkins, Maven and Sonarqube.

Structure101 Build Features

  • Break the build - Break the build on violations to the defined architecture, or when exceeding user defined structural metric thresholds. No matter how bad (or good) things are with your codebase, make sure it doesn’t degrade over time. Or better still actively use the KALOI (‘Keep A Lid On It’) principle to gradually improve your codebase as you move from one iteration to the next.
  • Customizable reports - Automatically create customizable, detailed or summary reports...

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Structure101 Build released
Structure101 Build released
Enforce architecture.rules and constraints in your CI environment.

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Licenses are per server, per language.

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